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Customise phpvms7


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Hi Can someone please correct me if I am wrong.

I am not brilliant with laravel but am I right in thinking that due to there being no route or web.php files there is no way of customising 7 to suite your own airline. The only changes you can make are to the asthetics of the page.

I wish to to add extra data tables/pages etc and the docs seem to give you no idea of how this could  be done as they seem not relevant for the latest version. 

If this is possible could someone please update the docs or create a quick tutorial on how to acheive this.



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You can totally customize phpvms however you want. It is written in Laravel after all but it does look confusing at first glance because some files are renamed or removed.


All route definitions are written in RouteServiceProvider.php

TBH not sure why the author would remove routes folder.


If you are gonna add just one or two pages, I recommend you writing a module for it so that the logic you write is totally separated from the core phpvms logic. It'd make the code much easier to read and debug. Documentation for the module system can be found here.


If you want to rewrite the entire frontend, you may take a look at the template system that phpvms uses.


Good luck!

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If you need customizations for your va, best way to have all packed in a "module" (as MrJohn wrote) which can access all v7 data and integrate its results into v7 back.


So in short, it is possible and it is way flexible than editing core of it directly. This includes theming too, you can have your own there too. Start with the docs (phpvms docs, linked at the top of this page), it will give you the basic idea and some links to follow (for deeper learning and details).


It needs some time of course, but not impossible.


Enjoy and good luck ;)


PS: Even for a simple route (a blank page for you to edit) I still suggest having your own module and RouteServiceProvider logic. This will give you the ability to update v7 whenever you need without any risks to loose changes.

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