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Change the Live map to the route map or the last pirep map


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2 hours ago, kekko89sr said:

Hi, I managed to use phpvms 7 and it works great! As already written in other posts, my company will be flying on xbox so no flight recording software will be used. So I ask you, is there the possibility to change the live map with a route map or a map of the last pireps? thanks for everything.


Not possible, live map is designed to be a live map. Core feeds it with live data, not possible to make it last pireps map.


However you can build your own module to get latest pireps (define the amount you wish like 5-10 or even 100) and then pass necessary data to your own map (which you can build on leaflet), then you can place it anywhere on your site as you need.


Safe flights

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You need to start from somewhere or you need to find a 3rd party developer to fulfill your needs 'cause core v7 can not (and should not) cover all possible wishes/needs of every virtual airline (or organization). What it offers is a stable base for VA owners or admins can rely on and build stuff on top of it as they need things.


As an example, there are several maps in core v7, even it provides a pirep map. It is capable of displaying the planned route (if you have your navdata installed) and if you are an acars user it can display the actual flown route on the same map. Also it offers the same map backend to us, so we can easily develop our own maps when needed.


Regarding your wish, v7 also offers a Latest Pireps widget which you can customize up to a point, either creating your own module with backend and frontend components, or by customizing the offered widget's frontend display (blade file) you can have something in your hands.


I would personally prefer having my own code running in background and powering a frontend page with data I control, but it is still possible by using core v7's widget and convert it to a map display.


Good luck and God speed

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