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Importing Flights


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I recently imported 4000 flights via admin/flights/imports.  Only 3250 can be seen.

What will cause the difference? 

What is the permiters or specifics that the import system uses to compare routes?

Duplicate flights have been removed and all flights are marked as active prior to import on cvs exported from admin/flights/export.

All flights are marked as visible.


Thanks in advance for any assistance.


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Did you checked the log (for errors or notes during import) ?

Which version you are on ?

Did you checked the database (via phpMyAdmin or similar workbench tool) ?


It is possible that some of those flights may be skipped (or updated).


Latest dev build allows more flexibility during imports and duplicate checks (which will result an update instead of an insert on old versions like beta.5 or earlier)


Hope this helps, good luck

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1 hour ago, perryfincher said:

Is it possible that the flights table check for duplicates only comparing flight number, dep icao, arri icao, and subfleet?

If that is the case, is it possible to have it include route code, leg, and dep time as well as arrival times?


I kindly asked you the version you are running/using one week ago, and that had a reason :( In early builds we had a bug in that duplicate check and it was skipping some flights, latest build is ok. Both import and admin area uses same duplicate checks, which allows more flexibility for schedule planning.


If you are not on the latest dev yet, consider updating your v7 and try again, it may help. Also check your logs for any clues about import problems, skips etc.


Good luck

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