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'OST Air VA'

'OST Air Virtual Airlines' is founded and operated by Timo De Deyne and Nick De Rammelaere. It is a virtual airline for all the 'Ostend Airport'-lovers and other pilots who are interested in routes to and from Ostend Airport (Belgium/Europe). 'OST Air Virtual Airlines' is a organizer of subcontracting-flights with regular airlines, aswell on the future will be a own fleet come active. The operations of 'OST Air' are mainly based on real live operations to and from real 'Ostend Airport'. This virtual airline is active by MS-Flightsimulator and flyable on oa Onlinesim. On this moment is the site under construction but already active. Because this is a freetime and hobby-project, we can not give any date off a full release.

Currently is OST Air VA not in possession of a own fleet but the first plane-orders are placed and the design of the company-paint is well advanced. Our fleet will include with time different types of planes: used & brandnew planes, turbo-prop & jet-engine to heli, also a small college, club and VIP-fleet.


Because we motivated to starts asap the operations, we prefer the first flights to carry out to subcontracts. These will be initially such performed by 'World Airlines Cargo' (WOA/MD11F), 'Kalitta Air' (CKS/B747F), and several other companies based on Ostend Airport. And for exceptional cargo can we use our 'Joint Venture-Contracts' that we made with Airbus (AIB/A400F) & Antonov (ADB/AN124F).


The 'OST Air'-Management


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