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Drop Downs (no avail)

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Hello all fantastic members,

I'm in some need of guidance and/or a basic tutorial (in layman's terms) on how to integrate simply just a sub-menu (dropdown) into a previous menu.

Right now I'm working with the default core_navigation.tpl, I've gone through a multitude of tutorials with no avail. Usually the outcome is a messed up navigation bar with some unknown characters. Right now I have no CSS for my navigation, if someone could point me or guide me through going from the default to in a way adding the dropdown that would be great.

I tried the menu makers, Google, and other web design tutorials with all returning design and style problems.

Any and all help is appreciate



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Try something like this:

<li><a href="#">About</a>


<li><a href="<?php echo url('/aboutus'); ?>">About Us</a></li>

<li><a href="<?php echo url('/partners'); ?>">Our Partners</a></li>

<li><a href="<?php echo url('/staff'); ?>">Our Staff</a></li>



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