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  1. A little work on the code, and I have now it turns out (see photo) Any errors seen in the photo that the flight booked, but in the column "status" indicates that the flight "Available" ((((Must show "Booked". I can not fix, help!
  2. vFleetTracker I try to make so that page (indeks.tpl) shows the status of each aircraft. - This plane is not booked - This plane is booked - The aircraft in flight - You do not have access to this aircraft. If the aircraft is free - it is possible to click and see which flight you can do it in view of what he's airport. <?php $data = OperationsData::getAllAircraft(); $online = ACARSData::GetACARSData(); $lastbid = ACARSData::GetACARSData(); $airports = array(); foreach(OperationsData::getAllAirports() as $aircraft) $airports[$aircraft->icao] = $aircraft; foreach($data as $aircr
  3. How do you do it? I'm using this code, but it shows only the freedom or not the flight. You can make it so that showed - Aircraft at the airport is no <?php if(Config::Get('DISABLE_SCHED_ON_BID') == true && $route->bidid != 0) { ?> <div class="btn btn-danger btn-sm sharp disabled">Booked</div> <?php } else { ?> <a data-toggle="modal" href="<?php echo SITE_URL?>/action.php/Fltbook" data-target="#confirm" class="btn btn-success btn-md">Available</a> <?php } ?>
  4. I can not say I found this code on the Internet. With my agent is working.
  5. If you want to see the flight evaluation scale from 0 to 100. What can I install the code in pirep_viewreport.tpl <?php $log = explode('*', $pirep->log); $sover = $fstall = $pritir = $perfl = $normall = $bad = $vbad = $crash = 0; foreach($log as $line) { if(preg_match('/Overspeed!/i', $line)) $sover = 2; if(preg_match('/Stall!/i', $line)) $fstall = 15; if(preg_match('/landed at/i', $line)) { $rate = explode('at -', $line); $rate2 = explode('fpm ', $rate[1]); if($rate2[0] <= 49) $pritir = 0; elseif($rate2[0] <= 250 && $rate2[0] >= 49) $perfl = 0; elseif($rate2[
  6. I try this code, but it does not work as expected. <?php # Don't allow overlapping bids and a bid exists if(Config::Get('DISABLE_SCHED_ON_BID') == true && $schedule->bidid != 0) { if($schedule->online){ ?> <strong style="color:royalblue;font-weight:normal;">In Flight </strong> <?php }else{ ?> <strong style="color:#FF0000;font-weight:normal;">Book</strong> <?php } } elseif($schedule->aircraft_count == 0) { ?> <strong style="color:#FF0000;font-weight:normal;">No Aircraft <?php } else {
  7. Help to complete the code. This code should reflect the flight status. - Flight free - No aircraft at the airport - Book as can be seen from the code below, now there is no warning that the aircraft is out of this airport. How do I add ??? at the moment I am using the following code: <?php if(Config::Get('DISABLE_SCHED_ON_BID') == true && $route->bidid != 0) { ?> <?php $search1 = (array( 'a.registration' => $route->registration, 's.bidid != 0' )); $schedules = SchedulesData::findSchedules($search1); $disabled = $schedules[0]->registration;if
  8. https://cloud.mail.ru/public/MS1R/nbHsxACx9 It is possible that this page be attached to your unit?
  9. Hello, can you help with the module? I have the source code of the page "shedules_result" with a very good feature, but unfortunately do not have the module ((( Can you help to recreate and make it work? I think that you might be interested in this module.)
  10. The plane is generally in another airport, and I was able to make his reservation on a flight from another airport in general ((
  11. I have a problem. Departure airport has 2 aircraft. When I added the flight, it was installed on the aircraft flight (Example BN-QVI!) when I try to make the registration of flight, I can register for the flight of any aircraft regardless of what was added when you create a flight in the admin panel
  12. Hello, someone has put to your website this flight map? https://github.com/R-Tur/Vatsim-Flight-Map I have now is a map from another website (Iframe). I would not depend on anybody and put his flight map. Now there is an error associated with the key. Maybe I'm wrong, can someone help make flying the card to work?
  13. skin free, I did so that everyone could see my work. Specifically, in this template on the main page, not the picture, and the video, it is not working because the video was removed from free hosting.
  14. bass

    Skins VAC-VSR

    I sent you a private message
  15. bass

    Skins VAC-VSR

    Yes, there is and English language. I wrote you a private message.
  16. bass

    Skins VAC-VSR

    Hi everyone, saw a new message on the forum with useful scripts and decided to create another new website. It so happened.!) If someone is interested, email me.
  17. Parkho says I have this error due to old version of phpvms
  18. Don't understand where to enter (the road) to do the calculations exactly my route filled when adding a flight.? " we whant have in briefing our route! away from us so LUNAG A713 NOGRI R834 MF DCT ITINA DCT RW DCT GEKLA DCT and this comes from you LUNAG G710 INGEN W114 OK A300 MF RW32K! maybe it's because of the AIRAC 1403?"
  19. <?php /** * Codon PHP Framework * www.nsslive.net/codon * Software License Agreement (BSD License) * * Copyright (c) 2008 Nabeel Shahzad, nsslive.net * All rights reserved. * * Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without * modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions * are met: * * 1. Redistributions of source code must retain the above copyright * notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer. * 2. Redistributions in binary form must reproduce the above copyright * notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer in th
  20. I also have this error, can not remove. Due to this error fails to add anything in the admin panel of the site.
  21. You can add something like the registration number of the aircraft? that he showed up in the list? because in one port can not be one A320
  22. Deprecated: Non-static method FBSVData::findschedules() should not be called statically, assuming $this from incompatible context in /home/u300880035/public_html/core/modules/FBSV11/FBSV11.php on line 47 error, how to fix?
  23. bass

    Skin Question

    <?php Template::Show('xxxxxxxx.tpl'); ?> ???? This
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