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  2. blueIce

    Error. virtualsilverairways.site.
  3. blueIce

    I had this working awesome with a subdomain. Now I have been kicking my back side for hours. www.virtualsolverairways.site. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected 'public' (T_PUBLIC) in /home1/batchelor14/virtualsilverairways.site/core/common/StatsData.class.php on line 654 I have read everything on this board. I believe you still have all of my info for the ftp. If not, Please shoot me a FB message and I will re send it. Thank, Ron
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  5. Tour Mod Page

    So, everyone who runs the tour mod, all have it displaying in ONE row?! Nobody has a different look to their tour page?! And, is there another Tour type module out there for PMPVMS?! Bruce
  6. blueIce

    You dont have Top Pilots MOD installed.
  7. Installation Directory

    When I try to install a skin, one of the directions is to “upload the lib folder to my phpvms installation directory.” Does anyone know how I did that? It’s the only thing I can’t seem to crack.
  8. TopPilot V2.0

    @thefiercepilot Same issue for you, no pirpes have been submitted yet or installation problem. Try submitting a manual PIREP.
  9. Hello Everybody. My Name is Tristan Ken and I am the Vice CEO of Hermes Airlines Group Virtual. Hermes Airlines Group Virtual founded in 12.10.2017 based in south korea (VATSIM KOREA DIVISION) is a full service virtual airline made for flight sim enthusiast,and now are still in making and development currently we have 3 staffs and in need of staffs to help our airline,we are now recruiting international staffs with the following positions: Secretary to the CEO : assistant to the CEO for daily operations. Marketing Team:Responsible for promoting the airline. Webmaster: They are the ones who manage our airline website and ACARS system. Project Team: They are the diplomats of our airline responsible for maintaining relationship with other virtual airline,making partnership,ensuring good relationship with VATSIM division. Operations Team: They are responsible for ensuring their hub(s) runs smoothly. This includes providing routes to and from their airfield, charts, scenery and acting as first line supervisors to members in their hub and this also includes the Chief Pilot position Our airline has made its logo and concept and is currently needing a web and couple of helping hands. If anybody is interested for the position please drop by the forum or email me or my other staffs at: tristankennethliu@gmail.com or yh1121676@gmail.com https://drive.google.com/open?id=1iJFsgDwspmXfQXaJy1xnmeH_NZw4am0N This is our business card and the proof that our airline is ready to commence operations once we found our staffs! Best Regards Tristan Ken Vice CEO Hermes Group Virtual
  10. SimBrief form to tailor OFP result

    hi guys can you please assist, i have installed everything properly as per the instructions given in Read me file and it was working fine but i changed the template to work with my website skin it is giving this error nothing happens when click Generate OFP. Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'value' of undefined at do_simbriefsubmit (simbrief.apiv1.js:116) at simbriefsubmit (simbrief.apiv1.js:86) at HTMLButtonElement.onclick (5273:918) do_simbriefsubmit @ simbrief.apiv1.js:116 simbriefsubmit @ simbrief.apiv1.js:86 onclick @ 5273:918 Website: icrew.piavirtual.org Regards Irfaan Khan
  11. need coding help

    Here is the one I am using that is FREE:
  12. TopPilot V2.0

    @Parkho Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /storage/ssd3/285/3946285/public_html/core/templates/toppilot/bestrevenue.php on line 4 PILOT ID NAME RANK AMOUNT I saw @parthprakash1 Error above too. Could it be because all the pireps that r in are manual or because there is no user other than me?
  13. PHP 5

    Do you have a paid hosting ? If yes is it a linux hosting ? What is your website address ?
  14. blueIce

    i take it this code off it works fine but when it add this code to my profile_main page it come up with this Fatal error: Call to undefined method StatsData::TotalPilotMiles() in /home4/emaresh1982/public_html/lib/skins/blueIce/profile_main.phpon line 57
  15. PHP 5

    Hello, once I upload all of the files onto my site using my FTP client, I am unable to proceed with the installation of phpvms. I am currently running windows 7. The message I get is "You need PHP 5 (your version: 7.1.11)." Any idea on what is happening and where I cant download PHP 5?
  16. Yesterday
  17. Installer Feedback

    Well that breaks my other phpVMS installation and I don't know what a symlink is. So I guess I am done as the index.php replaces my old one and disables my other 5.x phpvms installation. All I get is a blank screen, unless I am using the wrong path, when accessing the site? Anything is possible! Any other ideas?
  18. Installer Feedback

    Alright, I definitely did not do it that way as I was confused. So I create the phpvms folder in the Root are instead of the public_html like I was doing? Trying this method! So also apparently ( if I get it working ) I won't need the database I created as it will create one with some test data? I guess? So I already have an index, php page and am guessing I need to replace that with the contents of the public folder from phpvms V7? I'll let you know!
  19. Installer Feedback

    I think some of the instructions there are a bit confusing for you. If you are installing it onto the same hosting as your phpvms installation, you may need to change the public_html with another folder just to make sure you don't stuff up that installation accidentally. Go to your files where it has the folder called public_html (should be a bunch there which you wouldn't normally touch). Create a folder here called phpvms (this is the name of the folder you will need to use when modifying the directories, make sure this is NOT in the same folder as public_html, but in its own folder above it). Now your folder structure should look like this home/..... public_html phpvms ... Inside the phpvms folder, upload the downloaded zip folder except for the public folder Still inside the phpvms folder, go into bootstrap/app.php and edit these lines $app->bind('path.public', function () { return __DIR__.'/../public'; }); to this $app->bind('path.public', function () { # This line needs to change to the folder the index.php lives in # Will be made as an option, so it doesn't get overwritten return __DIR__.'/../../public_html'; }); Now go into the public_html folder and upload only the public folder's contents From here, open index.php and find this line $path_to_phpvms_folder = __DIR__.'/../'; Change it to this # Change line 13: $path_to_phpvms_folder = __DIR__.'/../phpvms/'; And it should work with Nabeel's instructions (make sure that your folder permissions are set correctly and that your directory structure is the same as above). Using this method, a symlink to the storage directory may be needed. EDIT: Just saw Nabeel's last post, he'll be able to help.
  20. Installer Feedback

    Let's talk on discord
  21. Hawaiian

    Anyone have any good Hawaiian Virtual Airlines skins or templates to use or recommend?
  22. Hi, I'm also selling a Va here is the link http://www.heliosairlines.com/ Send me a PM if interested
  23. Leave Of Absence v0.9

    open core/common/LOaData.class change all the public function to public static function
  24. Leave Of Absence v0.9

    I don;t know if it is a problem on my end but sava's loa repo is not opening. I am getting these errors on client side: Deprecated: Non-static method LoAData::CheckPilotID() should not be called statically, assuming $this from incompatible context in /storage/ssd3/285/3946285/public_html/core/modules/LoA/LoA.php on line 66 Deprecated: Non-static method LoAData::AddLoa() should not be called statically, assuming $this from incompatible context in /storage/ssd3/285/3946285/public_html/core/modules/LoA/LoA.php on line 76 And these on the admin side: Deprecated: Non-static method LoAData::GetAllRequests() should not be called statically, assuming $this from incompatible context in /storage/ssd3/285/3946285/public_html/admin/modules/LoA/LoA.php on line 35 Warning: fgetcsv() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in /storage/ssd3/285/3946285/public_html/admin/modules/LoA/LoA.php on line 83 Warning: fclose() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in /storage/ssd3/285/3946285/public_html/admin/modules/LoA/LoA.php on line 84
  25. [SOLVED] Embed php inside HTML

    Your welcome! Hope it works for you. It should!
  26. Pilots Last Flight

    Can I use this for displaying date of last pirep? <?php if(!$pireps) { $lastflight="Never"; } else { $lastflight=date('m/d/Y', strtotime($userinfo->lastpirep)); } ?>
  27. [SOLVED] Embed php inside HTML

    Thanks my frıend.
  28. Installer Feedback

    Nothing but a blank page! Doing something wrong for sure!
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