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  2. oh wow, thanks, it's already solved, thanks for the information
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  4. There is a setting at admin side for this, works only if your cron is working properly. Admin > Settings ... Acars group, Live Time Set it to something like 2 or 3 (hours) according to your needs.
  5. Hello, I have noticed that some pilots, for some reason, do not finish their flights, perhaps the simulator closed unexpectedly or the plane crashed, etc. When this happens, they close the simulator first and then the vmsACARS, and the plane stays on the map until they fly again The question is: Is it possible to remove those planes from the map without waiting for them to fly again?
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  7. Thanks for your reply. Our CMS suffered a fatal crash when we tried to update and could not be restored. Hence our decision to move to phpVMS. We have an open mind as to the phpVMS version and ACARS system. Whichever works best and can be maintained by non-IT pro's. We would like to have both manual filing and ACARS and prefer as little red tape as possible: no fixed routes or aircraft, no financials, etc.
  8. What version of phpVMS? What ACARS? For phpVMS v7, suggest you read thru the docs, available via the "Docs" link in the top menu. It really isn't difficult to install phpVMS v7 or vmsACARS. The challenging part as a VA owner can be setting up your airports, aircraft and flights. Doing this can take many hours - and if you hire this part out, it will get quite costly. Is your VA up and running on a website at present?
  9. Hi all, Platinum Airways is looking for a developer to install a clean version of phpVMS and ACARS, for a fee. Please contact me via DM or via a reply. Thanks, Stijn
  10. sorry I always come up with stupid questions, you're a life saver though, thank you Disposable Hero, it's fixed now
  11. Hi @CartesianPixels, The "issues" you mention are all related to your phpvms v7 settings and not theme or addon related (also not related with acars), therefore I would kindly request you to spare some time and pay attention to the guides published here in this forum about initial setup. Most probably you are restricting yourself with settings thus not able to see any flights or aircraft. Hope this helps
  12. Hello, I've successfully implemented the disposable v3 theme on my website, and most features are functioning as expected. However, I've encountered a few issues that require attention: 1. Flight visibility: After assigning subfleet to specific subfleets, these flights no longer appear on my VA's flights page. This unexpected behavior is affecting the visibility of scheduled operations. 2. Aircraft display discrepancy: The 'dfleet' page is not displaying my current aircraft inventory, despite these aircraft being visible on the Airlines page. https://my-example-va.com/dfleet 3. ACARS integration: It's worth noting that I haven't yet integrated the ACARS system with the website. While this may not directly relate to the current issues, it could be relevant for future troubleshooting. I'm seeking guidance on resolving these discrepancies to ensure a cohesive and accurate representation of my VA's operations across all pages. Your insights would be greatly appreciated. For reference, I've attached the page containing my subfleet information below. Thank you in advance for your assistance in identifying and addressing these issues.
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  14. And if that settings is enabled, it works (during calculations) so nothing wrong in there. Displaying them combined is theme related.
  15. ProAvia

    Transfer of hours

    What "network" did you bring these hours over from? Transfer Hours are separate from Flight Time in phpVMS 7. Transfer Hours are from outside of phpVMS. Flight Time is for hours flown in the phpVMS ecosystem. You can always add Transfer Hours and Flight Time to give a Total Time and then add a place to display it in your theme.
  16. Ok. Got it. And thanks for the reply. I was curious about another "acars", I think is the Neofly client that modifies the aircraft load in msfs according to the one chosen from a task/assignment within Neofly. And thought it could be used just for the payload.
  17. Thank you for your prompt reply, and excuse my oversight
  18. This topic may help to get download links of latest dev (development) builds
  19. It is clearly stated in theme readme (literally it is the third line), that it needs a much recent build compared to your phpvms v7 (which is beta.5 and almost a year old). So in theory, you have two options; 1. Keep your current build (beta5) and stick with default theme (or you can use older builds of Disposable Theme which are compatible with beta5) 2. Update your phpvms v7 to the latest development build and use latest addons/themes I would prefer the second option Good luck
  20. Hello, I just started setting up my VA and I am using 7.0.0-beta.5, I just installed the Disposable_v3 and it shows error 500, when I enabled debugging from .env I found many errors, as a novice with a basic background in web dev, I need your help resolving these issues as I think the theme fits well with my needs for my VA PhpVMS version : 7.0.0-beta.5 Php : 8.1.29 Laravel: 10.12.0 link to my VA
  21. No It is not possible at the moment (and I am not sure about future development for this). vmsAcars does not write values , it only reads them from the simulator whenever needed. It is a pilots responsibility to load his/her aircraft properly before starting a flight and releasing parking brakes for pushback (or similar in helicopter ops)
  22. Hope to be understood . So I start with an example. I start my Acars and cargo and passenger weight appear. Would it be possible when I click on start ( when sim is already ready with my plane) the weights displayed in Acars, automatically get inserted in msfs, without having to manually modify them?
  23. SPTransfer v1.2 for phpvVMS7 Thanks to B.Fatih, for the optimizations and support. Added discord notification Added reject reason Added sortable table Source code optimizations StyleFixes
  24. vFAB

    Transfer of hours

    I just manually brought the hours flown on the network, I wouldn't have to add the hours currently flown by the pilot, since the option is already enabled in the PHPVMS settings, or could it be that I'm entering it incorrectly, missing decimals, commas, periods?
  25. Gentlemen, thank you very much, it worked, I believe that clearing the cache as instructed resolved the problem! Thank you so !
  26. Then either they are not telling the truth or you are missing something! Because when configured properly mails do work, I can say you that and provide evidence to prove that Check your logs for errors and please follow the docs for required details when requesting help. Good luck
  27. I haven't received any emails since I initially installed PHPVMS, I checked the data with my provider and they are correct!
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