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  2. Every other flight I do when you land with Autobrakes it ends the flight on rollout.
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  4. Hello, We are an offline VA with some 200 active members. We are looking for a (paid) developer who can take our web environment from Joomla 3 to phpVMS. Interested? Please reply or contact me via DM. Thanks, Stijn
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  6. Quite possibly. I guess we will have to wait for the OP to respond to know for sure. And as your and I have previously discussed many times, any new VA's should be using phpVMS v7 - no wasting time by starting a phpVMS based VA using va5. 😵
  7. Probably OP is not talking about v7 (considering his other post he may be talking about v5.x)
  8. See the docs and guides. Look for subfleets.
  9. Already included in the base phpVMS v7program. You can import and export routes.
  10. It would be nice to be able to group aircraft into a category/class and assign those classes to routes vs listing aircraft one by one.
  11. Is it possible to have. amass route editor in place or a mechanism to export and import routes for mass editing via a csv?
  12. Hi. I would like to write a python script that converts ACMI files into a PIREP and supplements necessary data (e.g., ICAO codes...). Is there any documentation on how such a Pirep must be structured? I find a lot about the API/REST, but unfortunately no documentation for manual Pireps that players can upload after a flight (not interested in live data). To accomplish this task, I'm trying to understand the PIREP Format. regards marc
  13. Createa a new database. The phpVMS v5.5.2.72 database is not compatible with v7. As you progress thru the v7 install, look on the upper right of the screen for red letters saying something about a Legacy Import. Choose that option to import "most" of your v5 data into your new v7 database. Be sure to use the latest dev version from yesterday (or newer) so your v5 financial data imports to v7. There will still be a good bit of work to do setting up subfleets and assigning them to flights (schedules in v5) and some other stuff. Be sure to set up the v7.env file for email as soon as the install is complete. The bottom pic with the warnings looks to be from v5. When installing v7, use Option1 in the docs. Nothing from v7 goes in the public_html directory. Later, when you're ready to go live, you can redirect your domain to your v7 sub-domain.
  14. Hi There, I want some help installing phpvms7, I am currently using phpvms5.5.2.72 and I want to go ahead and install phpvms7, but I am facing some problems when installing. I uploaded the phpvms7 files to a new folder, and when installed, this error appeared I attached a pic Note: I am using phpvms and I need to change to phpvms7 with the old date I have it on phpvms5.5.2.72 Server Information cPanel Version 110.0 (build 24) Apache Version2.4.58 MySQL Version10.6.17-MariaDB PHP Version 8.1 If anyone can help me I will be thankful to him Best Regards
  15. As far as I remember, Disposable Basic provides basic support for events (which is backed up with a widget and API endpoints to display events on your landing page). If it is not enough for you, or if it is not fulfilling your needs then yes, you need to contact a 3rd party developer to create you a custom module about it because market is extremely limited at the moment. Only full scale modules are Disposable Basic and Special, and some airline based / customized copies of them. A v5 developer tried to convert his old modules and published one of them but we did not heard from him since then. Nothing more is available at the moment Good luck
  16. Hi everyone: My name is Daniel, I'm working on the Iberia, Iberia Express and Air Nostrum Airline for Grupo Iberia Virtual at https://www.iberiava.net Currently, we are implementing PHPVMS 7 with the Disposable extended and we are configuring a brand new environment, as we were using a custom system that we are unable to provide support anymore. Of course, deploying an entire new environment and importing all the data we have previously is a titanic work that would take months to complete as we need to start from zero with the phpvms7. While browsing all the features offered by phpvms, I found that some functionalities are onboarded through disposable modules, like the Tours feature. However, I could not find how to create or manage "events" or fly-in events. We are mostly focused on the scheduled flights, but a big part of our community relies heavily on Tours and Events. I was looking how feature can be added using a custom-made or existing module that could satisfy this requirement. Is there anything existing in the market or shall we request to a developer to create this custom module about this. Thanks a lot
  17. Award Importer v1.0 for phpvms_v7 If you want to import your awards and granted awards from phpvms_v5 to phpvms_v7, this will help you get everything done quickly as this process is not originally implemented. This script is intended to run after you have imported your data with the phpvms:importer and should not be used if your airline is already in production and running. >>> View on GitHub <<< What is part of the import? All awards including name, description, image URL, model parameter, active/inactive and time of creation All awards that pilots have already received including user ID, award ID and the day granted. Important The v5 and v7 database tables have to be in the same database All previous awards and granted awards will be deleted, to match user IDs You've to check your awards after the import, Award Class and Parameters are not possible to compare to v5 If you are using a different table prefix, you have to change it according to yours How to use Upload the "award_import_full.php" to your /public folder Open your browser and go to www.domain.com/award_import_full.php Do you have any suggestions or need help? Please use the GitHub issue tracker or this topic
  18. Install latest dev build of phpvms v7, you are trying to run an old version with latest version of my theme. After installing latest dev build, don't forget cleaning the application cache (admin > maintenance). This applies to all Dispo Addons, all need the above mentioned build or something much recent. Good luck
  19. Hello i make every steps from github page but the theme dosen't work i upload the log file and photo for 500 erorr in following google drive lin sorry for distrub but i relly need help. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1QR4U08w4GfZAqO1XZGjLclRykNWXGk-7?usp=sharing
  20. Honestly... beta.4 ? It is almost 3 years old and how on earth are you able to use Dispo Basic with it, I never tested my addons with beta.4 and they were never designed to work properly with it Are you really on beta.4 or it was just a typo If this is not a typo, I would kindly and urgently advise to upgrade to at least beta.5 (I would say latest dev, but beta.5 is ok too), with module and themes being updated of course. Best wishes,
  21. Debugbar itself adds some more time to the process, but it is nice to see the queries being run. Considering that the flights page is paginated and loads up maybe max 20 flights, how you ended up 112 queries is strange. Are you using an addon theme or default theme (not altered, pure default)? Are you using any modules being loaded at flights page, any custom widgets etc.? Why asking this, because I saw some addon themes loading up models in blades, doing direct database queries in loops, for some eye candy stuff which are already provided by v7 internally mostly. Example; I am using a custom theme, my airport details page loads up 4 additional widgets including a flights map, checking LTFM which has 600 inbound / 600 outbound flights and lots of pireps, page loads up fine in 2-3 seconds max, not something like your EHAM. Airport Details Page; (+4 widgets) Flights Page; (+2 widgets) Profile Page; (+40 widgets or more, did not counted them one by one) All above pages do load around 3 seconds max, as an example the last one (profile) was loaded in 2.28 seconds including the debugbar's own load and time loses. In a live server where it is not being called, my results are much nicer. Some of the duplicated queries are from the widgets placed (Aircraft, Pilots, Flight Reports, Personal Stats, Maps etc), they may be a single widget being loaded several times with different configurations to get different data, so some of their db queries are same/duplicated etc. Anyway, if you can provide some more info maybe we can talk about possible solutions / improvements.
  22. JGK

    Extremely slow loading

    Thanks for your reply. PHPVMS version 7.0.0-beta.4 Experiencing the issues both on a local development environment as on a vps. I have installed DisposableBasic Further all default.
  23. What exact latest version are you using? Beta 5 or the latest Dev version from the #v7-releases channel on Discord? Who is the host? Shared, VPN, other? All default or any addon themes or modules?
  24. JGK

    Extremely slow loading

    in the meantime i was able to reduce the airports table down to 2700 airports and reduced the flights table down to 3000 flights, still extreme loading times, up to 32 seconds for an airport like Amsterdam with 500 inbound and 500 outbound flights. Running the latest version of phpvms, php 8.1 and mariaDB.
  25. Hiya! An issue I've encountered with my phpVMS-based website. We're experiencing significant loading times, often between 10 to 15 seconds, which we believe is impacting user experience negatively. Our database is quite extensive, containing around 16,000 flights. Upon investigating the issue using Laravel Debugbar, we discovered that a large number of duplicated SQL statements are being executed. Here's a brief overview of what we're seeing: Total statements executed when loading the flights page: 112 (85 of which are duplicates, 27 unique) Example duplicated query: select 'name', 'enabled' from 'modules' (This is executed multiple times for different module names.) Loading times for the 'GET flights' request: Approximately 6.53 seconds We have tried to optimize our database and application code as much as possible but are still facing these high loading times due to the duplicated queries. I'm looking for any advice or strategies you might have for dealing with these issues. Specifically, I'm interested in ways to reduce these duplicated statements and optimize the overall performance of the application. Here are some questions I have: Are there known best practices within the phpVMS community for optimizing large databases and reducing query duplication? Has anyone else experienced similar performance issues, and if so, how were you able to resolve them? Are there any specific tools or plugins recommended for analyzing and optimizing performance in a phpVMS setup? Any insights, experiences, or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. I'm eager to learn from the community and find effective solutions to improve our site's performance. Regards! Joost
  26. Hello... just an FYI your contact e-mail on the website returns to sender as well. I sent you a DM, if you are still providing VA services, please let me know. Thanks a ton.
  27. Good afternoon everyone, My name is Gary and am in the process of starting up a new VA called SplitJet. At the start, I'll be focusing on Corporate Charters within the United States with the intent of expanding to Europe. I started my first VA back in 1998, called SoCal Airways and was providing ATC with SATCO in the early days, then VATSIM later on. Over time, life took me away from FS, but when MSFS2020 was announced, I knew I would have to get back into the hobby. Over the past year, I've built a home cockpit and with the advances of MSFS, I'm back for the long haul. So came the idea of starting up a new VA, so here I am. I am hoping to find someone who might be super duper familiar with phpVMS and and work with me as I learn. Anyone with paint skills. Those are high priority positions. Later, I'd like to find anyone who thinks they could head up the European division. Over time, I think I can do this myself, but I do enjoy working with like minded individuals who enjoy aviation as much as I do. Website is still be built, and the crew page is currently being setup, but if you think you want to chat more about this, shoot me a DM, or feel free to join the discord. https://discord.gg/R9gcF5tH Thank you all for your time. Gary
  28. As long as you can run a webserver on a device and fulfill server requirements, it can run... It does not require a specific hardware on the server, of course more cpu power and ram assigned to the servers will give you a better performance during runtime. Disk space depends on specially the database size, files on the server (phpvms v7, themes, modules etc) will not need that much space (say maybe max 100 mb for them), rest will be database space (which will be dynamic as you can imagine). If you did run apache, php8, mariadb etc. on your Raspberry device before, why not doing the same for v7 and start testing Basic requirements are listed here Good luck
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