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  2. Do not send the email

    It did not work for me.
  3. Aircraft table - minrank ranklevel

    Using version 5.2.2 Yes, I checked the default schedules page also. All routes show, even when ranks are restricted. I created a new account for testing which carries the minimum rank. The restricted aircaft list a rank one or two levels above this minimum rank. I only checked the database to see if there was something amiss - after verifying minimum rank didn't seem to have any affect.
  4. vaCentral Status

    Thanks for this suggestion, but I would prefer to send our info to VirtualAirlines.EU if possible.
  5. vaCentral Status

    Go in your local.config.php and under the VACentral, change true to false. That will stop showing the pireps needing to be sent on your admin side.
  6. vaCentral Status

    Thanks for letting me know about this. I've made the changes to use this, but I keep getting an "authentication failed" error from the server when trying to send PIREPs. Ideas?
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  8. vaCentral Status

    vacentral has been dead for a while.. but there's an alternative now, which is actually better:
  9. vaCentral Status

    Is there anywhere I can check the status of vaCentral? My VA has over 6,000 PIREPs waiting to be sent and I wanted to check if vaCentral was up and it's an actual error on my end or if vaCentral isn't up and running right now.
  10. Template Size

    @vbegin7 just a small note. Not only bootstrap based themes are responsive. I agree with vbegin7 to the rest. The template that you are currently using is not responsive and that's why it is not shown correctly in smaller or even larger devices.
  11. Do not send the email

    I have made a few changes: core/modules/RouteSubmit/RouteSubmit.php: First of all, the "RouteSubmit.php" file should be placed in a folder titled "RouteSubmit" under the modules section. Replaces its contents with the following: <?php class RouteSubmit extends CodonModule { public $title = "RouteSubmit Request"; public function index() { if (!Auth::LoggedIn()) { $this->set('error', 'You are not logged in.'); $this->show('core_error'); } else { $this->set('allairlines', OperationsData::GetAllAirlines()); $this->set('allaircraft', OperationsData::GetAllAircraft()); $this->set('allairports', OperationsData::GetAllAirports()); //$this->set('airport_json_list', OperationsData::getAllAirportsJSON()); $this->set('flighttypes', Config::Get('FLIGHT_TYPES')); $this->render('routesubmit/routesubmit_index'); } } public function submit() { if ($this->post->arr == '') { $this->set('error', 'You haven\'t specified a reason for your leaeve of absence.'); $this->render('routesubmit/routesubmit_error'); $this->render('routesubmit/routesubmit_index'); } else { $this->sendmail($data); } } protected function sendmail($data) { // Form arrays $name = $this->post->name; $from = $this->post->email; $depp = $this->post->depp; $arr = $this->post->arr; $route = $this->post->route; $aircraft = $this->post->Aircraft; $fl = $this->post->fl; $dtime = $this->post->dtime; $atime = $this->post->atime; $ftime = $this->post->ftime; // Send email to admin $subject_admin = SITE_NAME.' A pilot has submitted a Route Request'; $email_admin = 'your_email_or_ADMIN_EMAIL'; $message = "From: $name | $from \n Departure: $depp \n Arrival: $arr \n Route: $route \n Aircraft: $aircraft \n Flight level: $fl \n Departure time: $dtime \n Arrival time: $atime \n Flight time: $ftime \n Essa mensagem automatica, por favor não responder"; if ($_POST['submit']) { Util::SendEmail($email_admin, $subject_admin, $message); // Show the template $this->render('routesubmit/routesubmit_submitted'); } } } Also, put the template files within a "routesubmit" folder too within the core/templates folder. Also, update the routesubmit_index.php file with this: <?php if(!defined('IN_PHPVMS') && IN_PHPVMS !== true) { die(); } ?> <body class="hold-transition login-page" style="background-color: #222222;"> <form action="<?php echo url('/routesubmit/submit');?>" method="post"> <div class="login-box"> <div class="login-logo"> <a href="" style="color: white;">Route<b>Submit</b></a> </div> <!-- /.login-logo --> <div class="login-box-body"> <p class="login-box-msg" style="font-size: 13px;">Please complete this form to send your route.</p> <form method="post" action="<?php echo url('/routesubmit/submit');?>"> <div class="form-group" align="center"> <tr> <td><strong>Name:</strong></td> <td> <?php if(Auth::LoggedIn()) { echo Auth::$userinfo->firstname .' '.Auth::$userinfo->lastname; echo '<input type="hidden" name="name" value="'.Auth::$userinfo->firstname .' '.Auth::$userinfo->lastname.'" />'; } else { ?> <input type="text" name="name" value="" /> <?php } ?> </td> </tr> </div> <div class="form-group" align="center"> <tr> <td width="1%" nowrap><strong>Endereço de E-mail:</strong></td> <td> <?php if(Auth::LoggedIn()) { echo Auth::$userinfo->email; echo '<input type="hidden" name="name" value="'.Auth::$userinfo->email.'" />'; } else { ?> <input type="text" name="email" value="" /> <?php } ?> </td> </tr> </div> <div class="form-group"> <input type="text" name="depp" class="form-control" value="<?php echo Vars::POST('lastname');?>" placeholder="Departure ICAO"> <?php if($departure_error == true) echo '<p class="error">Please enter your departure ICAO</p>'; ?> </div> <div class="form-group"> <input type="text" name="arr" class="form-control" placeholder="Arrival ICAO"> <?php if($arrival_error == true) echo '<p class="error">Please enter your arrival ICAO</p>'; ?> </div> <div class="form-group"> <input type="text" name="route" class="form-control" placeholder="Route"> <?php if($route_error == true) echo '<p class="error">Please enter your route</p>'; ?> </div> <div class="form-group"> <select name="Aircraft" class="form-control"> <option value=" ">Select your aircraft</option> <option value="2">Airbus</option> <option>Airbus A318-111</option> <option>Airbus A319-111</option> <option>Airbus A320-211</option> <option>Airbus A321-211</option> <option value="2">Boeing</option> <option>Boeing 737-800/W</option> <option>Boeing 737-900/W</option> <option>Boeing 747-400</option> <option>Boeing 747-400F</option> <option>Boeing 747-800I</option> <option>Boeing 757-200</option> <option>Boeing 767-300</option> <option>Boeing 777-200LR</option> <option>Boeing 777-300ER</option> <option>Boeing 777-200F</option> <option value="3">De Havilland</option> <option>DHC-8-400</option> <option value="4">McDonnell Douglas</option> <option>MD-11</option> <option>MD-11F</option> </select> <?php if($aircraft_error == true) echo '<p class="error">Please enter your aircraft</p>'; ?> </div> <div class="form-group"> <input type="text" name="fl" class="form-control" placeholder="Flight level"> <?php if($flightlevel_error == true) echo '<p class="error">Please enter your flight level</p>'; ?> </div> <div class="form-group"> <input type="text" name="dtime" class="form-control" placeholder="Departure Time"> <?php if($departuretime_error == true) echo '<p class="error">Please enter your departure time</p>'; ?> </div> <div class="form-group"> <input type="text" name="atime" class="form-control" placeholder="Arrival Time"> <?php if($arrivaltime_error == true) echo '<p class="error">Please enter your arrival time</p>'; ?> </div> <div class="form-group"> <input type="text" name="ftime" class="form-control" placeholder="Flight Time"> <?php if($flighttime_error == true) echo '<p class="error">Please enter your flight time</p>'; ?> </div> <input type="hidden" name="loggedin" value="<?php echo (Auth::LoggedIn())?'true':'false'?>" /> <input id="submit" type="submit" class="btn btn-success" class="btn btn-primary btn-block btn-flat" name="submit" value='Submit Route'> </td> <!-- /.col --> </tr> </form> </div> <!-- /.login-box-body --> </div> <!-- /.login-box --> Copyright &copy <?php echo date(Y); ?> CCBS Virtual Airlines - All Rights Reserved <!-- iCheck --> <script src="<?php echo SITE_URL?>/lib/skins/crewcenter/plugins/iCheck/icheck.min.js"></script> <script> $(function () { $('input').iCheck({ checkboxClass: 'icheckbox_square-blue', radioClass: 'iradio_square-blue', increaseArea: '20%' // optional }); }); </script> It worked in my localhost server (do not comment the values ): Let us know in case you have any issues.
  12. Unable to add to bid

    Have you modified the default schedules module? If not, can you try reuploading it? It is the core/modules/Schedules/Schedules.php file.
  13. Ranks and Awards

    There is not any modules that shows the pilot's awards and ranks in your phpVMS system. You can either create it on your own or use a free module. Maybe you can check the Pilot Career module I have developed which includes the pilot ranks and awards lists in one page.
  14. Aircraft table - minrank ranklevel

    First of all, there is no need to check your system's database. phpVMS automatically calculates the ranklevel of each rank. The minrank value is the id of the rank you have selected. The ranklevel value is the row of the rank. The initial pilot rank is 1, then goes to 2 and so one. Of course this cannot be the same with the rank id. You may add ranks in a different row in your system for any reason. Did you check the default phpVMS schedules page? Which phpVMS version are you using?
  15. Monthly Hub Stats

    public static function TotalHoursBetweenDates($icao, $startdate, $enddate) { //Count total hours $query = "SELECT SUM(flighttime) as hours FROM phpvms_pireps WHERE submitdate BETWEEN '$startdate' AND '$enddate' and (depicao='$icao' or arricao='$icao')"; $result = DB::get_row($query); return $result->hours; }
  16. [NOTICE] - Open Flash Chart Exploit

    nice thanks for sharing information get more, please............................
  17. Aircraft table - minrank ranklevel

    Thanks for the reply! Yes, that's what I'm seeing in Front Schedules. And local.config is set to true for restrict aircraft ranks. In the aircraft table, minrank consistently is one number higher than ranklevel..... If minrank=3, ranklevel=2. EDIT - checked via Schedules also - restricted rank aircraft schedules all show. I used a new account I set up with the minimum rank level.
  18. Yesterday
  19. Monthly Hub Stats

    That did not work
  20. Monthly Hub Stats

    Haven't tried it so it might not work, but you can have a go at this. public static function TotalHoursBetweenDates($icao, $startdate, $enddate) { //Count total hours $query = "SELECT SUM(flighttime) as hours FROM phpvms_pireps WHERE depicao = '$icao' OR arricao = '$icao' AND (submitdate BETWEEN '$startdate' AND '$enddate')"; $result = DB::get_row($query); return $result->hours; }
  21. Aircraft table - minrank ranklevel

    minrank is indeed used for schedules, etc. to restrict the pilot's minimum rank to that rank in the table if it's implemented correctly. ranklevel I believe is the same thing (number), but it works differently on the backend. In the default schedules (in phpVMS 5.5.2), it should work as advertised provided in your local.config.php, this is set Config::Set('RESTRICT_AIRCRAFT_RANKS', true); In the front schedules module, I don't think it takes this in by default, so you'd have to modify the module in order to check this. Right now, I believe it's just spitting out any schedule within parameters in the form.
  22. Ranks and Awards

    Hello guys, i added the Ranks and Awards files into the modules file, and i have added the ranks and hours and images etc but when i click ranks on the website it still says that the Module "RANK" does not exist. can anyone help?
  23. Unable to add to bid

    Any chanche we can acces your server to have a better look ?
  24. enabling user to change the skin

    the skin is controlled via the database.
  25. Hello I'm trying to modify a clean phpvms 5.5 install so that the user can change the skin. by myairline.xxx/index.php?user_skin=selectedskin To do this, I created the following code in /core/codon.config.php: MainController::loadEngineTasks(); //last line before my mod, for orientation purpose $user_skin=$_GET['user_skin']; //echo "skin name:".$user_skin; if (isset($user_skin)) SessionManager::Set('user_skin',$user_skin); $user_skin=SessionManager::Get('user_skin'); //echo "skin name from session:".$user_skin; if (isset($user_skin)) { define('ACTIVE_SKIN_PATH', LIB_PATH.DS.'skins'.DS.$user_skin); //echo "set the skin to ".ACTIVE_SKIN_PATH; } else { define('ACTIVE_SKIN_PATH', LIB_PATH.DS.'skins'.DS.CURRENT_SKIN); } this works to the extent that the active_skin_path is indeed set to what I want it to be. If I write <?php echo "current skin path:".ACTIVE_SKIN_PATH; ?> on the frontpage_main, it returns the chose skin path. It even does when the url is no longer ending with the ?user_skin=selectedskin. However.. it still loads the original skin that I set in the admin panel. Anyone has some idea why this is? I don't understand why it sets the active_skin_path to one path, yet still loads another skin. even clearing the cache doesn't do it.
  26. Hey guys, I'm not sure about you but I got a lot of fake BS messages through my contact form, and I got really tired of it so I looked for a solution. The fix was fairly simple, and with the same technology you can also stop fake registrations! Since this forum is visible to everyone, and therefore also to those who might be behind these messages, I decided to not share it here directly. You can only view the solution on my blog: http://www.virtualairlines.eu/index.php/Blog when you are logged in!
  27. Responsive Pilot Center | iCrew

    Hello, iCrewCenter is now Owned and operated by iCrewSystems.in, and yes, I can help you make Skin for Jet Airways Virtual. Do check out the latest version of iCrew, iCrew v4, it releases this November!
  28. Unable to add to bid

    I just tried with the default template, and it gives me the same error.
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