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  2. I think this can be done in blade... If you know the codes of awards for hours/pirep counts, then you can alter the foreach loop to show only them at top section (or left section) then the rest at bottom etc. (according to your placing wishes)
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  4. Hello, Is it possible to group awards into two classes on the pilot profile page? One for the number of hours and reportes flights and another for awards in general. Thnkas in advance.
  5. Hi @DisposableHero, I have done some tests but {{ __('common.profile') }} is not working either. However, I solved this creating a module per section. Thanks for your help!
  6. Airac 2312 Data only, just import it into your db like normal
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  8. Hi everyone: Thanks for the details in this issue, I will try the workarounds described above. I installed phpvms 7 dev branch in a local delployment and worked perfectly. However, when I moved this install to the hosting server and changed the details in the .env file for db, everything seemed to be working perfectly, except for the pulldowns for the airports anywhere on the site. Definitely is a "cross-origin scripting error because the local install with the subdomain "localops.virtualairline.com", works just fine. I've changed last night the APP_URL to reflect the new URL name, I will check today after clearing the cache if this fixed it. Also, I've imported a list of all airports in the world, I think there are about 14k, and if this affects negatively in some way I will replace it with the list published by filipet Thanks! UPDATE: Just fixed- I've validated that the APP_URL was the correct one, and as we are forcing all connections to Secure (https), also validated the APP_URL says https://ops.airline.net for example and not just http://, and cleared all the caches, views and application, this just fixed the airport dropdown list issue.
  9. @Aharon You are still at phpVMS Classic (v2/v5) section, just look above your first post, it is clearly displayed there which subsection you are in... Also at forum main page try reading the section headers And what is ASCARS ? As far as I know the airlines' you are flying for are using vmsACARS. Good luck and God speed.
  10. My apologies for posting on wrong subforum. Since I am new on the forum, I did not realize there are different subforums for ASCARS. Anyway I finally solved the mystery. The funny thing is that regarding the three buttons on upper right corner of ASCARS, I thought all the time that this was for flights not realizing that this was for adding more virtual airlines!! Thanks for reply. What subforum is for tech support for latest version of phpVMS version 5.x or 2.x please? Regards, Aharon
  11. vmsACARS is not compatible with phpVMS version 5.x or 2.x You posted this in the phpVMS Classic (v2/v5) Support forum. To quickly answer your question - update your ACARS. This will allow multiple airlines on a single vmsACARS.
  12. Shalom and greetings tech support, I have no problem using your fine ASCARS to fly for virtual airline. However, I cannot figure out how to get few airlines into SINGLE Ascars. I fly for Alaska Adventures at https://www.flyaka.com/ and for Pacific Northwest Cargo https://pnwcargo.com/. I am told by the owner of both virtual airlines mentioned above that I can use choice of the two virtual airlines in SINGLE Ascars but I cannot figure out how. I installed ASCARS for PNW and it worked well. I installed ASCARS for AKA but it switched to AKA and did not show PNW in the same ASCARS. How do I get more than one virtual airline in SINGLE Ascars, please?? Thank you for your attention in this matter. Sincerely, Aharon
  13. Understood... The problem is simple, those pages do not have a controller providing you data to use. This is why {{ $user->name }} fails but {{ Auth::user()->name }} works. To be able to use for example $flight, $user or $aircraft you need it to be prepared in the backend (controller) and passed to the view (that page you are visiting), otherwise you will get errors and those pages are not designed to provide you those details. Same applies to translations and helpers (@lang is a helper), try using {{ __('common.profile') }} instead of @lang('common.profile'), it may work. https://laravel.com/docs/10.x/localization#retrieving-translation-strings Good luck
  14. Hi @DisposableHero. Thanks for your reply. For "custom page" I mean those you can add from admin panel through the option config -> pages/links. By the way, I could fix the issue with the tags like {{ $user->name }} modyfing them to {{Auth::user()->name}}.
  15. What is a "custom page" ? Do you have the user model accessible on that custom page you referring ? What does the error details say ? If you can follow the "Getting Help" guide, it will be more easy for others to understand and try helping you out. https://docs.phpvms.net/help#information-required Good luck
  16. Not advised (or accepted) but possible as long as you can keep track of every commit and/or every changed file. In the end, what is published is the best and approved way to update, it ensures smooth installation of latest build and eliminates human errors. If you want to do it the hard way around, then so be it But be advised, if something goes wrong in your process and you start getting strange results and/or unexpected errors, this method will reduce the support you will get back Good luck PS: If it is only the vendor folder you are worrying about, it is easy to build it with composer commands and with proper entries in composer files if you are using additional packages on your server. You can even build vendors on a local server and then upload to your real server if it does not offer command line access etc.
  17. Hello, I built my own skin using Bootstrap but I'm having some issues using the PHP and language tags. I want the user's name to appear in the navbar header when they log in. I placed the tag {{ $user->name }} but it only works in templates that already come default with PHPVMS 7, for example with home, dashboard, etc. When I open one of the custom pages I have a 500 error. On the other hand, language tags also don't work when I insert them into a custom page. For example: @lang('common.profile'), does not appear rendered as "Perfil" ("Profile" in Spanish) but instead appears directly as "@lang('common.profile')". Thanks in advance.
  18. You would be best served to follow the instructions in the docs to the letter. It's quick and easy once you do it a few times. Why don't you want to delete the vendor folder?
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  20. Is it possible to update only the phpvms files that have been modified, without having to delete the vendor file?
  21. "id" in v7 is the ident of a navaid, not an auto increment field like in v5 series... "TOMBI" or "FRA" as an example and name holds the name of the navigation aid, which is displayed on map popups. Only "id" field is used to identify the data and process on flight maps. Nothing else in v7 uses that navdata table, it is only used to display flight maps which have pre-defined routes (do not mix it up with pirep maps please as they have all the data they need to be drawn on a map -acars position reports and imported route-) If the pilot does not import a route then a great circle gets drawn for "planned route", and acars position reports gets used for "actual route". Example "Flight Map" with navdata being used; Example "Pirep Map" with both planned route (imported from operational flight plan) and actual tracks (this hap has no connection to navdata table of v7); Difference between "Flight Map" and "Planned Route" of a pirep can be seen clearly here. My Navdata is actual but that "flight" does not have any SID/STAR thus the map is drawn with airway connection only. Hope this gives you a clue about the usage of navdata in v7 Good luck on the conversion
  22. I am working on converting it to work with the db for v7
  23. Technically speaking adding 40k+ airports or any number should not affect the latest loading system, as it is simply searching live as you type or gets the first 20 or 50 to build the dropdown, then loads more as you scroll. There may be another problem (or problems) affecting live search/load. When it is not working be sure to check your browser console for any errors. And be sure what you are importing, is the file fully compatible with v7 (I remember that file having some problems before, did not checked later for updates) And for your question, answer is "Yes" as long as your settings allow automated lookups and unadded airport usage (in some rare cases lookup may fail, like an airport can not be found in VaCentral database, ICAO code mistyped, ICAO code changed etc) Good luck
  24. I've uploaded this: I have reinstalled phpVMS and now will be adding airports one by one, everything seems to be okay. Sorry for bothering you. I have a question. Are airports that are not added, going to be added automatically when filing a pirep via ACARS without biding? Brgds.
  25. How many airports is a "full base"? Adding every airport available will slow your site down. And chances are you will never fly to even 1/2 of those airports. Only add the airports you intended to have routes to. If you are still having issues, check the logs as explained in the docs and post the errors here.
  26. Hello, I have the same problem. Using default theme on https. It works just for a moment after cleaning cache. May it be connected with adding full base of airports?
  27. oh lol i just realised that, my bad and all good
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