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Pilot and Aircraft Locations


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Hello all


New system should has a location feature like fsairlines system.

A pilot or aircraft can not fly from another airport unless it's moved by a staff member or system itself.


For example;

A pilot safely arrived to EGLL airport with a Airbus A320-232 aircraft (reg. G-EZUA)

System should keep those location values for both pilot and aircraft and does not let them depart from another airport.

Unless pilot buy a transfer ticket with his own money or a staff member move them from admin panel.


This can be done with a locations table, pirep_filed hook could trigger this event.


Thank you

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I had this aircraft problem in my Virtual Airline. Basically I had set every schedules to one "virtual" aircraft that doesnt exist on fleet like A319TAM, A320TAM.
After that, when the pilot get this bid he has to reserve aircraft. On reserve system I just search on phpvms_aircraft, aircrafts that are on this airport. 

And I had set on PirepData after accepted, set on phpvms_aircraft on column local the airport where has just landed.

This is my suggestion to you do. It's easy to make! 


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