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Monarch Virtual Looking For Staff & Hub Managers

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Looking for Hub Managers
That's correct, Monarch Virtual is now looking for Hub Managers for the following airports:

- London Gatwick Airport
- London Luton Airport
- Manchester Airport

What Monarch Virtual is looking for in a Hub Manager is, dedication and effort. This is a very time consuming role and requires a lot of patience as well as effort to fulfill the standards that we expect.
What we NEED!

Before Monarch ceased traiding on the 2nd October 2017 we are looking for the Hub Managers of their assigned airports to fill in a spreadsheet of all the routes within the last 6 months that Monarch had flown before termination of operations. This includes the destination airport and it's return, you will be linked to the spreadsheet and on their you would be required to enter the following:

- Departure Airport
- Destination Airport
- Route
- Callsign
- Flight Number

These are essential for the airline to get up and running and we are looking for it fast!
All Hub Managers can work as a team to create local documentation for their chosen airport such as any pilot guides, standard operating procedures, in-general anything that you find that may be useful to a pilot you can make it.
Finishing up

You as the Hub Manager would be in-charge of that entire airport, so if someone has any enquiries you are the person that they would head to. Later on down the line we may have secondary positions within the Hub Manager role however for now this is what we have to offer.

Hub Managers play a huge factor in the smooth operations of the airline and that's why we are looking for anyone who is going to be dedicated enough for the role.
Good luck,

Nathan Innes & Rory Mulcahy.
Monarch Virtual | Directing Department

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