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  1. [Free] StislaSkin v7 - Designed for phpVMS 7!! [Opt. PT-BR translation]

    NOTE: I do not recommend it for official use, as phpVMS 7 is still in beta.
    Hello to all aviation lovers! My name is Carlos Eduardo and I'm a developer. A few days ago I released my "StislaSkin" for phpVMS 5, and due to MANY requests, I ended up making it for phpVMS 7. So yes, here is my newest skin and my first skin for phpVMS 7!!!
    NOTE: I wanted to make it clear that for the development of the skin, an admin panel was used, this panel is called "Stisla" and was developed by Muhamad Nauval Azhar. It is VERY important to also remember that you cannot in any way remove the author and phpVMS credits in the footer, it must remain as it is!
     So let's start with some important information:
    This skin was developed using phpvms 7, therefore, it will not work in phpVMS 5.5.x, or, or everyone else; phpVMS 7 is still in the BETA phase, so I do not recommend the official use in your company; Admin panel used: Stisla from Muhamad Nauval Azhar; Uploading "Widgets" files and languages is mandatory, or else it will give an error.  
    This skin, compared to my other skin for phpVMS is really VERY different. No module was used on this skin, or no complicated thing was created, simply because phpVMS 7 is in beta!!
    In short, this skin is REALLY simple, we can say that it is a default skin but with small changes and new layout. 😉
    The skin may have error, obviously. So, if you find an error, or have any suggestions, leave a message in the topic of the skin (click here to be redirected)!
    However, as phpVMS 7 is still in BETA, this means that there may be phpVMS errors, so if you find any errors related to phpVMS, please let the creator of phpVMS, @Nabeel, know.
    NOTE: I can't promise that I will update the skin every time a new BETA version comes out, but I can TRY to promise to update the skin when the official version comes out.
    Skin Installation (The installation compared to phpVMS 5.5.x is almost the same, so here we go):
    Click on the yellow button, saying "Download this file" on the right side, and click on the option "StislaSkin-phpVMS7", you will be redirected to github, install the repository. In the installed repository you will have three folders, let's start with the "app" folder:    
    Open "app" folder and then open the "Widgets" folder, you will see a file called "DashMap.php", now go to the directory where your hpVMS 7 is installed and transfer the file "DashMap.php" to app/Widgets. It should look like this: app/Widgets/DashMap.php; Now let's go to the "resources" folder. Open it and you will see two more folders. Now transfer the folder "lang" to "resources" folder in your directory where your phpVMS is installed. If you open the "lang" folder, open the "en" folder and have a file called "stisla.php", it worked! Now go back to the installed repository, in the same folder "resources" and open the folder "view" and then the folder "layouts", you will see a folder called "stisla", she is the skin folder 🤗.  Now, transfer the "stisla" folder to "resources/views/layouts" in your phpVMS instalation. It should look like this: resources/views/layouts/stisla; Now let's move on to the last step of the installation: Go back to the installed repository, where you will see the "assets" folder. You will have to pay close attention now. If in the process of installing phpVMS 7, you transferred the files from the "public" folder to the root of your phpVMS, transfer the "assets" folder to the root where your phpVMS is installed. Now, if you did not transferred the files from the "public" files to the root, transfer the "assets" folder to the "public" folder where your phpVMS is installed. It should look like this, in order: "assets/frontend/stisla" OR "public/assets/frontend/stisla". Now go to your website, open your admin panel, and open the settings page, which is in the menu. And in the first field, "Current Theme", select "stisla", then save and let's go!!!! Finished!  
    Dashboard v2 (Optional):
    As you can see in the second image of the skin, we have another version of the dashboard, just like my skin for phpVMS, now let's learn how to change the dashboard:
    Click on the yellow button, saying "Download this file" on the right side, and click on the option "index (Dashboard v2).blade.php", will install the file automatically.  
    After installation, you will first have to rename the file "index (Dashboard v2).blade.php" to "index.blade.php"; Now go to where your phpVMS 7 is installed and go to the skin folder (resources/views/layouts/stisla)". You will see more folders, open the "dashboard" folder, now transfer the renamed file to this folder (resources/views/layouts/stisla/dashboard).  
    PT-BR Translation (Optional):
    I know very well that the phpVMS community is FULL of Brazilians, because Brazilians LOVE to discover new things, do new things, innovations and everything more.
    And as I am one of them, a Brazilian, I thought: "why not make a translation into our language?" So here it is... Let's learn now how to install the PT-BR translation:
    Click on the yellow button, saying "Download this file" on the right side, and click on the option "pt-br.zip", will install the file automatically.  
    After installation, extract the folder to somewhere you want, there should be a folder called "pt-br", and inside this folder, several ".php" files. Now go to the directory where your phpVMS is installed and open the "resources" folder and then the "lang" folder, transfer the folder you extracted ("pt-br" folder), to the "lang" folder, it should be like this: resources/lang/pt-br;  
    Change language (Default: english):
    To change the language in phpVMS, go to your phpVMS directory, open the "config" folder and open the "app.php" file, look for more or less on line 17 and 18, for these lines:
    'locale' => env('APP_LOCALE', 'en'), 'fallback_locale' => 'en', Do you see the word "en" on both lines? It will be there that you will change the language, but the name must be the same as in the folders in "resources/lang", therefore, you must have the language you want, like "resources/lang/es".
    In the code, with the installation of my "pt-br" translation, it will look something like this:
    'locale' => env('APP_LOCALE', 'pt-br'), 'fallback_locale' => 'pt-br', I finished everything!
    As I said, the skin can have errors, one of them can be the translation of the file "stisla.php" to "es" or "it", or the others as well. So let me know in the topic of the skin, as well as any suggestions!
    Have good flights, good fun and good luck!
    - Carlos Eduardo




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