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  1. Well then there is something else is going wrong, I know it works as designed by defining your route code there
  2. Technically there is/was no need to edit the widget itself, the event "route code" is defined at module admin area and it works both for API endpoint and Event Widget. No need to edit/alter line 16 of the widget controller as it simply reads the above definition.
  3. So you want a "landing page", preferably outside of phpvms v7 namespace, something like a wordpress website which you can edit as you wish. It may not be that easy to achieve, because v7 "pages" system is not designed for that purpose. You can still have it by some tricks and injection logic of laravel but I am not sure that it will give you the best results out of the box. At minimum, you may need a modified app.blade.php which will be used only for that home.blade.php, and in that home.blade you can load a "page" created at admin side by (or maybe you can load more as per your design needs). And then display it without escaping html special chars, so it can be displayed as designed in a WYSIWYG editor. Or you can have a real landing page, with any CMS you like to use (like WP or Joomla etc) and have your phpvms v7 located under a subdomain like many of VA's around. Imagine https://phpvms.net (landing site) and https://demo.phpvms.net (phpvms v7) Good luck
  4. As I wrote in my first reply, it all depends on what you want to achieve, the method will then become relevant... I would not recommend running connections and sql queries inside blade files but in the end it is your va and install, it will be up to you Good luck.
  5. Try using html / iframe or with some php (and laravel) knowledge you can read data with curl (or guzzle) and then process it or you can place widgets to that home.blade.php once and then forget it completely. It all depends what you need and how you want to do it but most of the time anything is possible. Good luck
  6. I am not a developer either So we are same, in fact you can be better than me (considering your technical knowledge on Sharepoint), I am an OCC Manager of a real airline, just doing all these virtual aviation stuff and development as a hobby to somehow clear my mind from daily workload What you did was the correct way to be honest, you only missed the cache stuff in the beginning but solved it after getting the server error. Glad to hear that you solved the mail stuff too, in that part, we really can not help people much as it is 99% of the time custom and not generic stuff to advise easily. Enjoy your updated and moved v7
  7. You can change the installation location or file locations without re-installing or deleting the database. Good luck
  8. https://docs.phpvms.net/config/email
  9. Installing methods did not changed, they were always same (only 1st and 2nd suggestion was swapped due to their usage frequency) ... Unfortunately, what you did is the worst and most unsecure method to install / run phpvms v7, and it was always like that. What your friend did back in time was one of the suggested methods and it is still ok to use v7. https://docs.phpvms.net/installation/uploading Hope this helps.
  10. Same logic applies, nothing different Replace the files under phpvms folder of yours with the ones from latest dev (simply unpack latest dev in that folder), then copy over the public folder contents over your public_html folder.
  11. Docs link is at the top already (which you have found too) Good luck with the update
  12. Good news, glad you solved it. It is up to you, update or do a fresh install... Just use latest dev build, how you do it is just a choice for now. If you have nothing to lose, fresh install will be easy, but I would prefer updating to have some practice for future updates
  13. Hi Rob, Technically either from discord or from this forum, downloading the latest dev (development) build is the best choice... Beta.5 is ok too but it had some nice bugfixes after release and latest dev is better than the beta.5 at the moment. Additionally, when you duplicate a theme (be it the default theme or an addon theme), you need to (this is a must) edit the theme.json and change the name, which needs to match the folder name you used. Only then it will be possible to use it and avoid any errors like you mentioned above. So considering the error in your hands; You need to either clean the application cache from admin > maintenance page or if you can not reach there too, then you need to delete the mentioned (bootstrap/cache/themes.php) file manually for it to be re-created with the corrected info. Hope this helps, good luck
  14. Probably OP is not talking about v7 (considering his other post he may be talking about v5.x)
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