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  1. I can even be dead, so you will not be able to get something from me For your kind info; I am really busy (dealing with two new aircraft delivery flights from factory, one from Hamburg one from Seattle + Doing some new hire interviews + Cleaning the afterwards of a diversion combined with crew duty time exceedance and a technical delay more than 3 hours) I do not have free time Your priority is not my priority (may sound bad, but this is the truth) Keep calm please, everything will be fine soon (I hope) if your donation is ok. Best wishes, Dispo
  2. https://docs.phpvms.net/developers/addons https://docs.phpvms.net/customize/layouts You need to start from somewhere or you need to find a 3rd party developer to fulfill your needs 'cause core v7 can not (and should not) cover all possible wishes/needs of every virtual airline (or organization). What it offers is a stable base for VA owners or admins can rely on and build stuff on top of it as they need things. As an example, there are several maps in core v7, even it provides a pirep map. It is capable of displaying the planned route (if you have your navdata installed) and if you are an acars user it can display the actual flown route on the same map. Also it offers the same map backend to us, so we can easily develop our own maps when needed. Regarding your wish, v7 also offers a Latest Pireps widget which you can customize up to a point, either creating your own module with backend and frontend components, or by customizing the offered widget's frontend display (blade file) you can have something in your hands. I would personally prefer having my own code running in background and powering a frontend page with data I control, but it is still possible by using core v7's widget and convert it to a map display. Good luck and God speed
  3. Not possible, live map is designed to be a live map. Core feeds it with live data, not possible to make it last pireps map. However you can build your own module to get latest pireps (define the amount you wish like 5-10 or even 100) and then pass necessary data to your own map (which you can build on leaflet), then you can place it anywhere on your site as you need. Safe flights
  4. https://docs.phpvms.net/guides/finances#flight-fares When I replied you on Discord, I was referring to v7's fare/finance system Glad you found it and applied. Also if you are managing personal flights (aka charters / personal flights / free flights) with a module of your own you can also define (or auto calculate) a "flight based fixed pilot payment" too... This is one step forward of what you have found Can give ideas if somebody reads this later on for the same question. Safe flights
  5. https://docs.phpvms.net/installation/uploading Follow the docs, it should take maximum 5 minutes to install... Download latest dev Upload to your host (proper folder or subdomain according to docs) Create your database (check docs) Unpack the file you uploaded Visit your site Max 5 mins, double it to 10 if you are trying to do it slowly and while reading. Good luck
  6. Or the link in this page https://github.com/nabeelio/phpvms/releases It advises you to download the LATEST DEV build too... Same link as above, one is tar.gz , other one is .zip (content is same)
  7. https://docs.phpvms.net/download Use the DEVELOPMENT BRANCH link, it will always give you the LATEST DEV build
  8. As I wrote above if your pilots have time for 20, then assign 20, find a balance which will fit to all... This is not a personal playground module, this is a module for VA's in which rules do apply to all members equally. If one has more time, then he/she can do 20 assignments + 100 other flights, nothing against it. No logic in having ++ assignments to some members. Safe flights
  9. No. What you explain is not logical and not fair for other users, if you want to assign 20 then assign 20 to everyone in your VA, no logic in having 200% or 150% possible. Targets are there for a reason. Safe flights
  10. Demo = Latest development edition vmsAcars (or any Acars) is not mandatory for v7, you can install latest dev build (if your hosting is compatible) and use it with manual pireps only... Of course there will be some features or addons designed for Acars support not functioning, but that will not hurt you at all. Good luck
  11. https://docs.phpvms.net/download LATEST DEV (Tar) LATEST DEV (Zip) Above links will ALWAYS give you the latest dev release, if you do not want to use Discord for some reason
  12. Yes I know, but this is not the correct place to have theme related questions... Don't get this wrong or rude, I would prefer NOT answering this. Either use generic support section or if you are using Disposable Theme use its own topic. As the title clearly states, this topic is for "Disposable Extended Pack" support or related subjects not for basic theming. Have a nice sunday
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