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  1. dinometal24

    phpVMS Skins Development

    Hello Community, I'm developing new skin templates for phpVMS, and I'm taking the opportunity to make available for sale a few previous projects that I've developed. Between these days I will be making available more old projects that I have saved, all models will be available at an affordable price on my website: https://jeanlaveriano.com I'm currently developing the skin shown below: The skin "Stay" will be available on my website in a few days, in four different colors for $ 50. Any purchase made on my website can count on my installation help. Thanks
  2. dinometal24

    phpVMS Skins Development

    I'm still working on it
  3. dinometal24

    phpVMS Skins Development

    Hello everybody, I'm working on a new skin called "Stay" if anyone is interested please contact me, I will be giving details of the estimated price and will be customizing. The new skin should be finished in a few weeks. ________________________________________________ __________________________________________________
  4. dinometal24

    JDS - Free Skin for phpVMS

    Hello everybody, I worked in a skin to make it available free as a demonstration of my work . The download is available on my website: https://jeanlaveriano.com/jds-free-skin.html Enjoy phpVMS 4.3
  5. dinometal24

    phpVMS Skins Development

    Hello community, I am here to offer skins development services for better customization of your website. I work with developing skins since 2013, and I learned everything by own account to achieve a good level of development. For now I have to offer two demos of my recent projects: https://jeanlaveriano.com If anyone is interested in knowing the price for the development of a new skin send a private message
  6. dinometal24

    Skinning My VA Website

    I can adapt any html template for you. I did this avianca v.a. (Fleet Page)
  7. dinometal24

    Skin my website?!

    hello, I can do this service for you. I know adapt any html template for phpVMS.
  8. dinometal24

    New LAN Virtual

    New website on the Virtual LAN 2 versions available in languages ​​comment! http://lanvirtual.net http://lanvirtual.net/es http://lanvirtual.net/pt
  9. dinometal24

    White Skin Download

    Hello this is a new skin for phpVMS Demo: http://sites-phpvms.tk/viewdemo/?id=white01 Download: http://sites-phpvms.tk/download/00102012/white01.rar Sorry I dont speak english
  10. dinometal24

    Airvia New Skin

    Sorry, the download link: http://sites-phpvms.tk/download/00092012/airvia.rar
  11. dinometal24

    Airvia New Skin

    Hi, my name is Jean and I created a new skin for those who want to download phpVMS can download the link below: Demo: http://sites-phpvms.tk/viewdemo/?id=airvia Photo: PS: I don't speak english, I speak portuguese