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  1. Hello Community, I'm developing new skin templates for phpVMS, and I'm taking the opportunity to make available for sale a few previous projects that I've developed. Between these days I will be making available more old projects that I have saved, all models will be available at an affordable price on my website: https://jeanlaveriano.com I'm currently developing the skin shown below: The skin "Stay" will be available on my website in a few days, in four different colors for $ 50. Any purchase made on my website can count on my installation help. Thanks
  2. Hello everybody, I'm working on a new skin called "Stay" if anyone is interested please contact me, I will be giving details of the estimated price and will be customizing. The new skin should be finished in a few weeks. ________________________________________________ __________________________________________________
  3. Hello everybody, I worked in a skin to make it available free as a demonstration of my work . The download is available on my website: https://jeanlaveriano.com/jds-free-skin.html Enjoy phpVMS 4.3
  4. Hello community, I am here to offer skins development services for better customization of your website. I work with developing skins since 2013, and I learned everything by own account to achieve a good level of development. For now I have to offer two demos of my recent projects: https://jeanlaveriano.com If anyone is interested in knowing the price for the development of a new skin send a private message
  5. I can adapt any html template for you. I did this avianca v.a. (Fleet Page)
  6. hello, I can do this service for you. I know adapt any html template for phpVMS.
  7. New website on the Virtual LAN 2 versions available in languages ​​comment! http://lanvirtual.net http://lanvirtual.net/es http://lanvirtual.net/pt
  8. Hello this is a new skin for phpVMS Demo: http://sites-phpvms.tk/viewdemo/?id=white01 Download: http://sites-phpvms.tk/download/00102012/white01.rar Sorry I dont speak english
  9. Sorry, the download link: http://sites-phpvms.tk/download/00092012/airvia.rar
  10. Hi, my name is Jean and I created a new skin for those who want to download phpVMS can download the link below: Demo: http://sites-phpvms.tk/viewdemo/?id=airvia Photo: PS: I don't speak english, I speak portuguese
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