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  1. Sorry, the site has been moved and re-branded to: http://virtualmon.my-free.website/ Thanks
  2. Here is the Manchester VA intro powerpoint Manchester Airlines.pdf
  3. I was wondering if you could build my VA website for me?
  4. Question 1: I do not have the funds to purchase expensive website developing software Question 2: To advertise
  5. There is a new VA in town!!!! It's called Manchester VA, website: www.manchesterva.weebly.com Check it out. Find attached the intro powerpoint about our VA. Happy Flying :D Manchester Airlines.pdf
  6. @mylesgcary The website has now been changed to http://manchesterva.weebly.com/ This is due to copyright reasons. However, we will still mirror Monarch's schedule and fleet. Thank you for the heads up about permission If you are still interested in joining us, that would be great Kind regards :) :)
  7. No, I don't. If you are intrested don't hesitate to join us
  8. Hello. I am the CEO of a new virtual airline called Virtual Monarch. It is based on Monarch Airlines UK. We fly real routes and schedules. I am currently recruiting pilots for Virtual Monarch and would therefore be happy for any flight simmers to join. Just go to my website: http://virtualmonarch.weebly.com/ Click register and follow the instructions. I look foward to see you joining Virtual Monarch Happy Flying :D :D EDIT: THIS LINK NO LONGER WORKS, SEE BELOW
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