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  1. Oh no, I forgot to attach a files. I'm so sorry. I will update my post. Sorry for late post. 1. I didn't edit anything about javascript. So I don't know what is the problem XD. 2. Okay then, it should be everyone solution to open www. Thank you. Edit : For option number 2, if I edit local.config and add www., it will cause problem. It's up to the developer want to use it or not. Maybe anyone can edit it for me :D.
  2. Hello guys. I'm new here. So, I've started work for TEMPLATED.co design. It wasn't good at all for phpVMS. And today, it has completed. I hope you like it. Any comments/critics/etc. will be helpful for me. Let me know if I've made any mistakes. NB : If you're using Nabeel's phpVMS, download the urbantpl.zip. If you're using SimPilot one, download the urban.zip. Don't forget to read readme.txt file. It's useful file to read. This design can't open with www. Idk why. But I think, who people now days use www? Thank you. Download link : http://www*datafilehost.com/d/0f774e30 (Don't forget to change * to .)
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