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  1. Virtual EXS acts on our three sole purposes; integrity, self-governance and togetherness. The organisation acts as a virtual airline company, providing simulation services for those wishing to replicate Jet2.com's operations using flight simulator software and website systems. My name is Thomas Chowdury, the Managing Director of Virtual EXS, a newly founded and accepted virtual airline organisation set to launch in March 2017. I have worked in the airline industry for the last 7 years. Whilst gaining a wide scope of knowledge regarding aviation, I have been able to collate ideas on how a virtual airline operates, the systems it may use, the branding styles and methods, the general structure of the organisation. From this, I have formed a virtual airline from my knowledge within the industry. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to Virtual EXS and how the development of the organisation will fall in the coming months. We set to launch Virtual EXS in March 2017. Our website is currently being structured and produced; we hope this to be released in February. In the coming months, we hope to use the phpVMS forums as a method of communicating with developers and the community regarding our progress in #ProjectECHO. Best wishes, Thomas Chowdury Managing Director of Virtual EXS