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  1. [Free] FlightAware Schedule Puller

    It's not finished yet, and you should at least be able to pull some flight data if you're on linux I need a bit of time to port it over to windows (I know what the issue is, it's my fault for doing the shortcut way :p)
  2. [Free] FlightAware Schedule Puller

    I know the issue, you're using windows server right? Well, for some reason they can't accept short tags and therefore don't see the <?. I'll push a commit later fixing this
  3. [Free] FlightAware Schedule Puller

    A great landing is one where you can use the plane again. +1 for the correct forum
  4. [Free] FlightAware Schedule Puller

    Hey, as we say here at phpvms, if it's stupid, but it works, it ain't stupid
  5. [Free] FlightAware Schedule Puller

    Hate to shatter your dreams but that's not why... You can close and open multiple times in a php file (otherwise I wouldn't be able to print the data into the table ). That issue should not be existing if you properly copied and pasted and made sure that all the syntax is included in the new file. I also have to state that this should not be run on the server, don't paste this anywhere on the website. I am also curious which php version people whom are getting this error are running.
  6. [Free] FlightAware Schedule Puller

    if(isset($_POST['airline'])) { That is from the first if command, how can you not have that? Did you download the code from my github or did you copy paste? Make sure to include the html code in the top of the document, otherwise the $_POST will return an index error
  7. [Free] FlightAware Schedule Puller

    Yep, good intentions I guess this thread can be everything about pulling flightdata for free for import to phpvms
  8. [Free] FlightAware Schedule Puller

    Quickly skimmed through it, afaik, flightxml2 is deprecated :/ But hey! Conversion to flightxm3 is possible Just a bit curious how using "w" worked out, did it overwrite entries in the csv file? That's what happened when I used it, I could only get the last data in the array so I used option "a" instead which worked
  9. [Free] FlightAware Schedule Puller

    Looks and sounds awesome! I see what you did there without using the api (I'm not even mad that's impressive). This is just a project I did to learn to work with api's and curl in php, but it's pretty cool what you can do!
  10. [Free] FlightAware Schedule Puller

    https://uk.flightaware.com/commercial/flightxml/signup.rvt?product_type=1 wrong link (again, sorry :p)
  11. [Free] FlightAware Schedule Puller

    Well, have you created an account, verified email and logged in?
  12. [Free] FlightAware Schedule Puller

    Could be wrong link, my bad http://flightaware.com/commercial/flightxml/ scroll down to get api key (you get 500 queries free)
  13. [Free] FlightAware Schedule Puller

    I have considered it, but it's not the best solution (if a code already exists, it's going to append it twice which isn't good). This isn't my top priority, but it's up there.
  14. [Free] FlightAware Schedule Puller

    You don't install it on phpvms (although you can, but I am not going to sit and write a tutorial on that :p), you run it and get a schedule.csv which you can import to phpvms. Right now, it doesn't get all the schedules, you need to run at a couple of times and whatnot but I am working on it As for the api key, you can create a flightaware account, then go to this (https://flightaware.com/commercial/flightxml/key) link and then copy credentials to the php file Thanks for trying it out
  15. [Free] FlightAware Schedule Puller

    Update: -Forgot to convert AM/PM to 24hr, fixed - Includes total flight time Next update will check if there is a route filed and print that to the table and csv file. Possibly going to add the same thing for the altitude, but I am not sure if I should to it flight level or just pure altitude. Maybe I'll integrate a checkbox for that