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  1. Update! It has now been rewritten to what I consider "good code" and documented. Below you will find a link with instructions on how to set it up etc. Feedback is appreciated https://github.com/RAZERZ/PullFlightData EDIT: This rewritten code also contains the "features" that I stated above
  2. Updates: So, I ran it for a week using a cron job (someone can probably figure out how to do that) but as you see from the code, it is the definition of a mess and no documentation. I also found an issue since I was calculating the time by checking the difference between departure time and arrival, which could give unrealistic times if for example you depart 18:00 and arrive 01:00, it would say flighttime is 17:00... Another thing I need to fix is the days of week a flight is flown, which was always set to all days. This time it will check for existing entry and if it exits, it will update this to include the correct day of week Right now, I am rewriting it and documenting, so "stay tuned" when next version is released.
  3. Once the whole thing has been tested and rewritten (I mean, have you seen the code? It is the definition of spaghetti), I will announce on how to install it and documentation
  4. Hey, this project is not finished, so currently it only pulls the data and stores them into a csv file (you can make a cron job to run it). The end project is finished, I have it running right now collecting flight info and saving them in a database, but I need to fully test it for about a week before I release it into the open
  5. I fixed the issue where it errored out due to premature closing tags and whatnot, it was due to most of you not having the short opening tags enabled but I replaced them with the full opening tags.
  6. It's not finished yet, and you should at least be able to pull some flight data if you're on linux I need a bit of time to port it over to windows (I know what the issue is, it's my fault for doing the shortcut way :p)
  7. I know the issue, you're using windows server right? Well, for some reason they can't accept short tags and therefore don't see the <?. I'll push a commit later fixing this
  8. A great landing is one where you can use the plane again. +1 for the correct forum
  9. Hey, as we say here at phpvms, if it's stupid, but it works, it ain't stupid
  10. Hate to shatter your dreams but that's not why... You can close and open multiple times in a php file (otherwise I wouldn't be able to print the data into the table ). That issue should not be existing if you properly copied and pasted and made sure that all the syntax is included in the new file. I also have to state that this should not be run on the server, don't paste this anywhere on the website. I am also curious which php version people whom are getting this error are running.
  11. if(isset($_POST['airline'])) { That is from the first if command, how can you not have that? Did you download the code from my github or did you copy paste? Make sure to include the html code in the top of the document, otherwise the $_POST will return an index error
  12. Yep, good intentions I guess this thread can be everything about pulling flightdata for free for import to phpvms
  13. Quickly skimmed through it, afaik, flightxml2 is deprecated :/ But hey! Conversion to flightxm3 is possible Just a bit curious how using "w" worked out, did it overwrite entries in the csv file? That's what happened when I used it, I could only get the last data in the array so I used option "a" instead which worked
  14. Looks and sounds awesome! I see what you did there without using the api (I'm not even mad that's impressive). This is just a project I did to learn to work with api's and curl in php, but it's pretty cool what you can do!
  15. https://uk.flightaware.com/commercial/flightxml/signup.rvt?product_type=1 wrong link (again, sorry :p)
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