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  1. Juan

    Showing Stats on Home [SOLVED]

    Hi servetas. My stats aready works at Home Web. I used this include code on top : <?php include("./../../crew.domain.com/core/codon.config.php"); ?> Using relive path but with this dots. An this other to call function: <?php $totalHours = StatsData::TotalHours(); ?> <?php echo $totalHours;?> I have change from index.html to index.php and the server settings to call .php files as "index" All stats works fine. Thanks by your help. Best regards
  2. Juan

    Showing Stats on Home [SOLVED]

    Hi servetas, I have tried your code but doen´t work . I think that I can´t use a relative path because codon.config.php is in subdomain at phpVMS crew.center installation. Is possible? Can I use a absolute path? THX
  3. Juan

    Showing Stats on Home [SOLVED]

    I will test your Core Servetas. I'll tell you. Thanx
  4. Juan

    Showing Stats on Home [SOLVED]

    I will test your code Servetas. I'll tell you. Thanx
  5. Hi all, grettings from Spain. I´m customizing a VA with phpVMS and I´m having some problems showing VA STATS on Home page which it is not made with phpVMS. DB is pointing to a subdomain where phpVMS CrewCenter is allocated. Can I call this DB to html home? I need some lines as TotalHours, TotalFlights etc...like shown at ADMIN side on Dashboard. Thanks in advance. Juan