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  1. Hello all, Let me introduce myself. I am Braedyn Dea and I am the newly appointed COO for Fly American Virtual Airlines. I have been working for FAVA for about a year and a half now starting as the CIO moving to the CTO and now COO. Now on to about the Airline. So, what is FAVA? Fly American Virtual is your one-stop-shop for American and One World partner routes. We allow our pilots to fly ANY ROUTE in our schedules, ANY AIRCRAFT in our fleet, at any time! We don’t require a test or hours to fly those aircraft. Fly American Virtual is the only American VA that allows pilots to fly all aircraft types with no hour restrictions. You can even create your own routes within our "charter" system! With FAVA, you'll never have a problem not finding the route you want to fly. We want to incorporate realism into a fun, yet laid back environment. We don't go off rejecting PIREPS just because an error might appear here or there. Just fly and have fun! Come to see why FAVA stands out among the top Virtual Airlines. We have something for everyone. Why should I Join? We offer a different type of experience here at FAVA. Instead of feeling like you are just a pilot we make sure that you feel like a friend. We have spent 3 years tailoring the system based on countless amounts of feedback from pilots to make sure that pilots in the future will get an unforgettable future. As I have already said we allow you to fly any aircraft and any route. We also have a charter system! So if you want to fly a route that nobody flies you can. We have tours and events running all the time and some even have monetary prizes. This makes sure you don't feel like you have to fly and have no value of winning something. So, are you In? If so, great! If not, we understand that this might not be what you are looking for and we respect that. If you are in well just click some of the links below to get started! Website: https://flyamericanvirtual.com Discord: Our Discord Server I should also add that we have a lot of staff positions open! I will list them below. If you are interested then please email coo@flyamericanvirtual.com Human Resources Officer (HRO) Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Public Relations Officer (PRO) Schedule&Fleet Manager (SFM) Training Administrator (TA)
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