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  1. Columbus, Ohio— It’s a great pleasure to announce that Skybus Virtual airlines is officially up and running and currently seeking pilots to join the New Airline. Skybus Virtual Airlines is a professionally operated Virtual carrier Based in the U.S at John Glenn Columbus international airport in Columbus Ohio, with a secondary hub in Greensboro North Carolina. Skybus Virtual is operating just like the Original, and now defunct Skybus Airlines back in 2007-2008, utilizing low cost with networking and web design while establishing a great VA. Here at Skybus Virtual we offer, awards and commendations as you progress through your VA career such as a sign on bonus, assistance in training our pilots with online flying procedures, pilots get their own pilot profile where they can spend the salaries they make on whatever they desire in the pilot center. We offer the Airbus 319 to deliver all our passengers to one of our 19 destinations with great choices of Skybus repaints, created by expert aircraft painters. Skybus Virtual Airlines is looking for those pilots who want to get the most from their flight sim experience, which also allows for opportunities for advancement within your Skybus virtual career. If you’re looking for the challenge of flying for a busy airline, to destinations across the U.S and select markets and the camaraderie of a great group of pilots visit us at https://www.skybusva.com/ and submit an application for one of the following open positions. • Captains • First Officers See you in the Skies
  2. Can anyone make this repaint? there is two liveries but if only one can be done thats fine i will pay for your service https://www.airliners.net/photo/Skybus-Airlines/Airbus-A319-112/1344953?qsp=eJwtjcEKwjAQRH9F9uxFBA%2B96Q/owR9Ys4OGxibsrthQ%2Bu%2Bmwdvw3jCzUMiTY/Z7LaCBDKzhRXsqrPw2GhYaUb9ZxTY71sfHdhw1xQnWapbVL7UpYcc5BBSH/PlVBbopWOiLz/ZwaAF665mOp8YlWkncN%2BAcE63rD2JOMrM%3D https://www.airliners.net/photo/Skybus-Airlines/Airbus-A319-112/1319079?qsp=eJwtjcEKwjAQRH9F9uxFBA%2B96Q/owR9Ys4OGxibsrthQ%2Bu%2Bmwdvw3jCzUMiTY/Z7LaCBDKzhRXsqrPw2GhYaUb9ZxTY71sfHdhw1xQnWapbVL7UpYcc5BBSH/PlVBbopWOiLz/ZwaAF665mOp8YlWkncN%2BAcE63rD2JOMrM%3D
  3. it looks like they dont have a forum but thank you anyways.
  4. Hello im looking to get some quotes on a possible complete website with vabase built in? let me know what you guys can come up with!!! Thank you!
  5. Would you be albe to repaint Aerosoft Airbus 319 in Skybus Airlines Repaint https://www.airliners.net/photo/Skybus-Airlines/Airbus-A319-112/4057315?qsp=eJwtjcEKwjAQRH9F9uxFBA%2B96Q/owR9Ys4OGxibsrthQ%2Bu%2Bmwdvw3jCzUMiTY/Z7LaCBDKzhRXsqrPw2GhYaUb9ZxTY71sfHdhw1xQnWapbVL7UpYcc5BBSH/PlVBbopWOiLz/ZwaAF665mOp8YlWkncN%2BAcE63rD2JOMrM%3D or https://www.airliners.net/photo/Skybus-Airlines/Airbus-A319-112/2372353?qsp=eJwtjcEKwjAQRH9F9uxFBA%2B96Q/owR9Ys4OGxibsrthQ%2Bu%2Bmwdvw3jCzUMiTY/Z7LaCBDKzhRXsqrPw2GhYaUb9ZxTY71sfHdhw1xQnWapbVL7UpYcc5BBSH/PlVBbopWOiLz/ZwaAF665mOp8YlWkncN%2BAcE63rD2JOMrM%3D
  6. Greetings everyone, I was curious to know if there is an option to buy a pre-built website with Phpvms installed already and most of the required add-ons, i have no idea how to build using code! i currently use the VAFS setup but really interested in switching to this. let me know if this option exists or who to contact to have one built. thanks guys Justin
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