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  1. All Virtual Aviation is now seeking new pilots. No matter what your pilot skill sets are, we welcome pilots from all over the globe that want to fly what they want, where they want, when they want. Although we have ranks and awards, emphasis is placed on the quality of PIREPS. Traditional VA’s place heavy emphasis on flight hours and ranks, although we track this as well, it says very little about the quality of the flight. Our automatic PIREP system grades each flight to ensure our virtual passengers experience nothing less than excellent. So, sure you can jump on the flight deck of a 747 or 777, but what’s your quality score? Landing FPM? We have a saying here, fly quality over quantity. Our Values are simple – We are committed to excellence, and most importantly to our pilots. You can check us out at www.allvirtualaviation.org, and if you like what you see please come join us in the skies. We look forward serving you and meeting all your pilot needs. You can also check us out at va-list.com. We are also looking for someone to help out with airline schedules, and tours. If you are interested in this opportunity please email me at allvirtualaviation@gmail.com. Thank you! Tom West AVA002 COO Chief of Operations