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  1. itsbenny99

    Web Design and PHP Freelancer

    Hello, I have a offer for your u all! First of all a little about me, My dream is to be able to grow website design business, I'm trying to grow my portfolio meaning I'll be putting cheep prices for all services for the start, Services. :Custom Front Page Website :Custom Crew Page :Free hosting for 5 months :Free Teamspeak Hosting for 2 months As I have said to build up my portfolio I'm offering low cost priceing. My priceing is set at 10 pounds If your interested please send me a pm or email me at: atcpilot70@gmail.com Thanks-
  2. itsbenny99

    New Website

    Hello, pm the details and I see what I can do?
  3. itsbenny99

    Custom Skin Developer [SOLVED]

    Hello i'v sent you a offer, please have a look in ur MSG's?
  4. itsbenny99

    Anyone Need Skinnng done?

    Hello, I'm trying to get big out in the va business for web development.. I don't really have much of a portfolio and offering you all a deal, i will make a php vms/ your va website for three pounds, the life is so low because and need a bigger portfolio to peruse my dreams, please replaey to this thread if your interested thanks:)