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    Is there a way to change Pilot IDs in phpVMS7?

    We've basically just added a PiRep field asking for their Pilot ID in regards to our VA. Nothing to do with actually changing the IDs in phpVMS currently, but it works for what we're doing.
  2. AdamWilliams

    Is there a way to change Pilot IDs in phpVMS7?

    Thanks for the reply! We've found a temporary way around it currently, but would be great in the future.
  3. Changing a Pilot's ID using the new phpVMS 7 Changing pilot's default ID's is something which we need to be able to do, to easily manage our phpVMS system and subsequent flight logging system. When a pilot joins the VA, they are assigned a Callsign (which will be the same as their ID on our phpVMS webpage) and once they were registered on our phpVMS 5 website we could quite easily change their IDs to the one they have been assigned. This helped when it came to identifying pilots and dealing with promotions. I am wondering whether anyone may be thinking of producing a widget/addon to do this. I have already tried to edit pilot's IDs manually in the phpMyAdmin panel, however this has had knock on effects as users who have had their ID changed manually now cannot access the phpVMS dashboard or for admins, the admin panel. I understand that this version is still in Beta, however if there is any way to change IDs that anyone knows of, then I'd love to hear it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, Thanks, Adam.