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  1. what do you think i did mate? the error was with phpmailer not being able to find the other classes. its not an issue that i made. I managed to find a fix to this issue. this fix has helped me and others. as stated with the original question. class.smtp.php was not found by class.phpmailer.php because it was not loading it properly, nor did its dependacies have access to it either. i fixed that. now it works correctly. i did set the SMTP settings. @Strider
  2. havent changed versions of the addons. they are the default ones that came with the latest phpvms the changes i made where making the Util.class.php and the other phpmailer files all use phpmailerautoload.php because the Util class couldnt find the phpmailer smtp class or the phpmailer mail class.
  3. mainly as that took me a few days of head shaking (im pointless with php but great at other languages) to get that result. hasnt given me and issues.
  4. Here ya go! this will fix it! enjoy! also @ProAvia maybe add this to the repository? newFix.zip
  5. I'll send it when i get home from school. (school blocks FTP so cant get the files )
  6. ah yes right. i forgot to give the other 2 files
  7. ive found a fix. ill post the edited file that fixes everything fix.zip
  8. @OAVPeterF can you give me those files?
  9. yea but i need a download link
  10. One that works with phpvms simpilot/php 7.2
  11. Mamoth112


    But i end up getting a access denied error.
  12. Mamoth112


    Ive used my trusty friend POSTMAN. this is what it gave me. this is using a fake password btw so u cant do anything. import requests url = "https://mysite.ru/action.php/api/pilots" payload = {} headers = { 'Authorization': 'Basic bXlVc2VyTmFtZTpNeVBhc3N3b3Jk' } response = requests.request("POST", url, headers=headers, data = payload) print(response.text.encode('utf8')) @brenohff
  13. I could have. might go back to it but i couldnt get it working tho. couldnt get the auth correct
  14. Dont Worry. I changed to php v 7 anyways because i needed the rest api for my VA.
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