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  1. 13 hours ago, ProAvia said:

    There may be a link to an airports file in the PHPVMS CLASSIC section of the forum - but it would need to be adapted to phpVMS v7. Probably not worth the effort as the older version is missing several data fields that are in phpVMS v7.


    You may wish to define what aircraft and airports your VA intends to service. And then manually add them as most others have done. And do the same for the schedules.

    Thanks. but i have decided to change over to 5.5.2 for easier use!

  2. Dear who ever sees this.
    Can someone give me a .CSV with all airports, aircraft.

     the reason im asking is that when i try to load up the ones i have it gives the "The "csv file" field is required." error. even tho the file is airports.csv
    any ideas?

    Thank you in advance!

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