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  1. Nabeel, do you have a link to this on github? Thanks Jerry
  2. Hello, after i have uploaded my fleet in cvs file the aircraft has no location yet. But if I manual add an aircraft I can choose its location and this is going to take along time is there a work around? Thanks Jerry
  3. After you have your subfleet in, click on the name on left side in red another page will open click on add new aircraft top right. Jerry
  4. I now just found the problem typo's on the airport code on a few, then loaded 234 at one time, Jerry
  5. Hello, I have tried to up load the csv file with 235 flights and only the first 7 flights will upload? Am I missing something? Thanks Jerry
  6. Hello I am moving our VA from VAM to PHPVMS should I use the older v5 of PHPVMS or beta 7? We have been test v7 but it is limited? Jerry
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