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  1. hi ı bought phpVMS ACARS license but it asks for API key and phpVMS URL. in documentation it says go to your phpVMS profile but ı dont know how do ı acsees my phpVMS profile can someone help to me please? and the is the phpVMS url virtual Airline website? MODERATOR EDIT: moved to correct forum
  2. They support MySQL ,HTML,Java but for php ı am not sure
  3. Hi guys ı am starting up a virtual airline whith Wix. I have The Wix paid hosting whith everythying unlimited. I did everything but ı dont know how to add the crewcenter to wix? How can ı? Thankyou
  4. Hi guys ı want to learn abaut if I Create my website from wix or weebly can I put livemap or crewcenter (virtual airlines stuff) into the wix or weebly thankyou
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