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  1. Hi, Can someone please help me understand. VMSAcars is active on the website. Now I try to run the client app. I did install the fsuipc-lvar-module and runtime 5 beforehand. I made a folder on the HDD and unzipped ACARS in it, made a copy of the exe file to the desktop. The application runs briefly an them stops working, after I initially filled in the setup. Do I have to change something in the admin on the website? The firewall lets the program through. I am a bit in the dark... Thanks for helping, David
  2. That explaines a lot, thanks!
  3. Hi, I purchased the VMSAcars for PHPVMS 7 and trying to get it to work on the website. I downloaded the zip file ACARS from the purchasepage on the PHPVMS website, unzipped the file and placed it on my HDD. With the use of Filezilla I copied the folder ACARS at the designated path in PHPVMS 7 and ran the update function. However Acars is not showing in the admin area. Is there something I missed, could you please help me? Greetings, David
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