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  1. Please I need a Help.

    My name is Ricardo I'm CEO of Friends Virtual Airways, and we have the PHPVMS Randon Flights working good in our Virtual Airways. But I get a problem. The pilots can schudele flights and before finish can make bids again. I need Disable Bids on Bid, inside the randon flights how can I do that.

    Please If can send me a code and file then I have to change configuration.

    Thanks, by now.


    Ricardo Maigre

  2. Hi,

    My name is Ricardo Maigre, and I'm a CEO of Friends Virtual Airways. We have phpvms with randon flights active and working good now. But I get a litle problem. All pilots can do Bids on Bid already schudele Bids.

    Please how can I block new schudeles when pilots have schudeles to finish yet on randon flights. I need the code and where I have to insert and with file of randon flights.

    Thanks by now.


    Ricardo Maigre

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