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pinkvcopy.jpgHello,I would like to introduce pink virtual, the first virtual airline ever to support a cause. Pink virtual, supporting breast cancer, is expected to launch in late October possibly into early or middle November. That date is to be officially determined in the next few days. Pink virtual's CEO, Jordan Delaney, announced that they have ordered 25 Boeing 757-200's. He also stated this afternoon, "Pink virtual is the first virtual airline ever to support a cause. Now, we need your help, these positions are open and need to be filled as soon as possible by any qualified applicant. (1) Vice Chief Executive Officer, (2) Bidding system coder, (3) and Human Resources Director. Bidding system coder is needed within the next 24-72 hours, otherwise, the virtual airline will be substituting a custom system with PHP VMS, which is perfectly fine." Chief Executive Officer Jordan Delaney announced this afternoon. Qualified applicants are urged to reply to this thread, or PM Jordan Delaney. Thank you for your time in reading this message. We will bring you more information as soon as possible. If you have any questions or comments whatsoever, please reply to the thread or PM Jordan Delaney. Keep all posts on topic, otherwise they will be removed. Thank you for your cooperation!Respectfully,Jordan DelaneyCEO Pink Virtual Airlines
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