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Fleet info file


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Hey guys I thought I would share something I found with you. You can make a fleet file for acars, this will show your fleet in the drop down menu with Registration numbers and all. you don't have to put in the flaps info unless you record that, my VA doesn't. Below is an example of my VA's fleet info, I fill all that out and save as KSKplanes.txt. change the KSK to your VA's call letters and drop it in the main FSAcars directory and you will see your fleet in the drop down menus. {the letters must match whats in your VA's config file!!} You won't have to fill that info in any longer!! Just make sure you separate different Reg numbers and Sel cal numbers with commas like I did.[Plane.0]Name=B103Reg=N121KV,N243KVSel=Flaps=Up[Plane.1]Name=AT72Reg=N610KV,N655KVSel=KV-AK,RB-TMFlaps=Up,0º,15º,30º[Plane.2]Name=B190Reg=N580KV,N585KVSel=BC-HC,HC-BCFlaps=Up,4º,20º,DN[Plane.3]Name=L100Reg=N100KVSel=LK-MNFlaps=

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