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Happy birthday flybritain! [britain.flyeurova.com]

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Priding ourselves of being one of a few virtual Avro RJ85 operators...

Note: This is a press release for an airline subsidiary at flyeuro.com dated 08/06/2014. Recruitment for new members is open at http://britain.flyeurova.com. Once registered, the member will be also registered on our flyeuro.com and blueArrow CARGO services.

Don't they all look beautiful? Take them on a spin today!



One year ago, our staff team envisaged a brand new concept of a regional low-cost airline. Inspired by the real counterpart flybe, the new concept was added to inspire variety at flyeuro. On this day, a year ago, flybritain was in final planning stages, and released to over 80 of our pilots at the time on June 14th, 2013. The launch was so successful, that our daily PIREPs doubled. It brought our old Total PIREPs per day record from 26 up to a whooping 59! At least 75% of the operations have been conducted under the flybritain's flag during the first week of operations. We even had the cheek to come up with a slogan (that didn't make it as our final one of course!) of "Your only virtual alternative to flybe!".

Sadly, something changed. Now flybritain accounts for merely 9% of our total operations. It was time to act. For the first time, the changes were mostly inspired by the choices of our community. You have had the say towards the changes at flybritain. Essentially, without you, flybritain would not exist.

Therefore, to celebrate one year anniversary of this fabulous concept, we bring you two new aircrafts. Embraer E175 and DHC-6 Twin Otter. The first will be a modern alternative to our aging Avro RJ85 aircraft, one of which will be retired. However, we still want to be unique by being one of the very few virtual airlines to operate this aircraft type. Amongst these two aircraft types, we bring you a new flybritain hub at Belfast City with 18 new routes across the network, and 10 new destinations to places like Linkoping, Barra, Sumburgh, Caen and more!

Beside these changes, we have also reviewed our mainstream division, and retired Sofia and Lanzarote hubs. We have introduced their replacements: Vienna and Oslo Rygge / Moss. Another review is up in August, where we will be retiring another underperforming hubs to keep the network fresh and updated. Additionally, in March we have severely limited our staff team and our staff meetings, and established a core management structure of a few dedicated staff members and founders. These people have always worked extremely hard for the success of the airline. And now, we want to increase the user feedback and interaction, as you are what makes us!

I do hope that this update will increase your interest for both flybritain and flyeuro. A full list of changes can be viewed below:


New aircrafts:

- 3 Embraer E175 @ flybritain (Wilco and Freeware repaints available)

- 1 DHC-6 Twin Otter (Aerosoft repaint only, freeware to come)

New Mainstream Destinations

Gdansk: Trondheim

Vienna: Lisbon, Bucharest, Zurich, Paris Orly, Alicante, Larnaca, Sofia, Palma de Mallorca, Naples, Brussels Zaventem

Oslo Rygge / Moss: Edinburgh, Brussels Charleroi, Warsaw Okecie, Pisa, Poznan, Bergen, Madrid, Corfu, Alicante, Palma de Mallorca, Malaga

Withdrawn Destinations

Gdansk: Bratislava

Sofia: Barcelona, Milan Bergamo, Prague, Eindhoven, Dubai, Paris Orly, Kiev, Istanbul, Larnaca

Lanzarote: Stuttgart, Warsaw Chopin, Stockholm Arlanda, Brussels Zaventem, Zurich, Porto, Lisbon

New flybritain Routes

London City: Poitiers, Caen, Metz/Nancy, Brive, Linkoping

Belfast City: Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Leeds/Bradford, Cardiff, Norwich, Amsterdam, Southampton

Edinburgh: Sumburgh, Barra, Donegal, Benbecula, Stornoway

Manchester: Bergen


- All operations to and from Oslo/Torp (ENTO) have ceased and moved to Oslo / Moss / Rygge (ENRY) with immediate notice.

- Next hub review is due for July 31st, 2014. The management reserves the rights to modify these dates accordingly.

- Any further suggestions or complaints should be posted on the flybritain section of our Member Forums.

Places of interest:

- Aircraft Downloads (You must be logged in)

- flybritain route map

- flyeuro route map

- flybritain's fleet


-- ENDS --

Kamil Bonczyk

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) @ flyeurova.com

Management / Web & Designs / Operations

Emil Gabrys

Chief Operating Officer (COO) @ flyeurova.com

Fleet / Downloads / Research

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