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Dear Forum Members:

This post is going to be one of a serious concern which I am having with some of the persons who "SUPPOSE" to be developing websites out there for their clients.

Recenty I watched a video on youtube about this guy who was taking money from persons and were suppose to build these gaming computers and months after they never got the computers.

My story is a few months ago my virtual website suffered terribly at the hands of a hacker so therefore we basically had to rebuild the virtual airline. I would have posted to that effect in these forums. A virtual airline developer approached me and told me they could have my va back up and running with in 4 -5 days all i needed to do was state what I needed done. So I did I provided the HTML skin i wanted to use and so on.

I signed up with their company and they requested I pay in full before any work was carried out. That I did and a month later I was still in the dark ages with this provider. All I got was excuses and no work. All I am saying here is if you expect to be paid upfront you need to provide a high level of work for the client.

I will not name the company here but just be aware of who you have working for you.


Chris Ashby


Caribbean Airlines Virtual

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not to be a smartass. but iff you payed and did not get anything its best to tell us all so others don't faal in that trap as many developers as a payment upfront

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