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App Android For My VA


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Hello friends, I've gone a bit due to my work which is very intense. Some time ago I had made a poll to see if it was worth it or not a mobile app, the results were not very favorable, even so I decided to develop an app for my virtual Aera line, is not yet fully complete, but I'll post here first impressions to users wishing one mobile app for your virtual airline can give tips / suggestions that I need to put in the app. As I go forward in my work I will also be putting here the layout of yours.

Please, I ask to constructive criticism, and not Child ATV criticism, such as "bad design", "I'd do better", "I'm wanting to protect the community", etc. Because I will not answer this kind of childishness.

Also do not answer support via PM. If there is any doubt, ask on the topic so that everyone benefits, your question might be doubt of others!

This app contains the following features:

  • Live map flight;
  • List of pilots in flight progress;

Because I'm time-poor, and how this project started today, still no many features, however, will soon add the following features:

  • Top Pilots;
  • Pilots Onlie;
  • Pilot Profile;
  • Airline Data;
  • Message from pilots;
  • Settings;

And still other features that I did not think. My intention is to develop this app for free, but those who wish should make the request in advance. For those who wish to have your application published on google play will have to pay a fee of $ 29 so I can upload, or if you want you can do on your own.

Below are some pictures of the project:





Added details of the pilot:


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It's been a while since this topic is stopped, because I am out of time to develop. I have not given up my mobile application, and saw that there were people interested. I just sent a beta version for Google Play :D

See below some pictures of the project:





Will be available on Google Play soon the link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=br.com.lbxweb.a_merco

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