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TexAir Looking For New Pilots & Staff

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Howdy once again from the Texas-friendly skies! We're still looking for fresh, new faces for our dedicated family of av geeks to converse and fly with. Here's a refresher of some of the many features we offer:

- Our Fleet Modernization Project is almost near completion and well ahead of schedule! We have an amazing, new, fresh livery on our airframes, and we're even introducing a few new ones.

- Our new paints include both freeware & payware models or textures for all of our aircraft (FSX only).

- We fully support Microsoft Flight Simulator X, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004; and we partially support Prepar3d with a wide variety of ACARS clients to choose from, including smartCARS.

- We have a newly streamlined registration & entrance exam process.

- We have quite a few fun events in the works, and they're not all about flying big iron either.

- We have a legacy carrier inspired, world class schedule.

- Hubs in AUS, DEN, LAS, PDX, MSP, IAD, & TPA.

- Don't want to fly the schedule and/or primary fleet? We have a subsidiary charter brand to allow more flight freedom.

- No rank restrictions! Fly any of our aircraft at any time.

- 1st PIREP due in 14 days; only 1 flight due every 90 days after that.

- Brush up on your skills with our training partner VATSTAR.

- Pilot awards for hours, types, training, & other achievements.

- We're now on social media! (See below)

We'd also like to fill a few staff positions so that we can focus more closely on future projects. Among those open, we are especially interested in filling our Brand Manager position with a well qualified individual. This position is a combination of both branding & marketing; primarily we need someone that has both time & experience to manage our recruitment campaigns & social media outlets - this includes occasional image and video promotions. If interested, please visit our Staff page to get started.

For applicants with less time or experience, we do have other openings, including a few Hub Manager positions - these make great "entry level" positions. Check the same staff page as above for more info.

So if you're interested as a pilot, staff member, av geek, Texan, or just in general, give us a holler.

Website: http://www.texairvirtual.org

Email: socialmedia@texairvirtual.org

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/texair

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/texairvirtual

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