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Seattle Virtual Airlines Coming Soon!

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Along with the new year, the new President Trump, and the new 2017! We bring to you Seattle Virtual Airlines, ZSEVA! Our launch date is January 1st, 2017!

At ZSEVA we strive to bring the best environment to all! With a friendly staff team and great community. We fly anything, anywhere, anytime. Our ACARS system doesn't hold you to just the routes in our system, in fact, we don't have any... why? Because the pilots create the routes! That's right we use our charter flight system which allows you to fly to and from ANY airport, just input yourself in the ACARS and it tracks and logs it for you!

Our fleet consists of any plane you can think of because after every 10 flight hours, a pilot may request a new aircraft to be added to the system!

This VA is ran by its pilots because without them, there would be no Seattle Virtual Airlines!

We will become a VATSIM Certified ATO, and are partners with VATUSA's vZSE ARTCC!

Along with all this comes A LOT of work on our staff so to thank the staff for all their hard work we repay them with a payware product of their choice (within a set budget) every 6 months! This is paid for in full by me, Taran Salyers, the CEO!


To join simply click here


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