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FEDEX VIRTUAL AIRLINES is new to the simulation world for carrying cargo with the best utilities and software that can be given. We have worked for months on our site and software upon opening we have included many features that is explained below and images on what your profile will look like when logged into the system. The current tracking software that is being used by our site is smartCARS 2 for easy bidding, tracking, and the use of "Jetstream Radio" at your own leisure.


We have also added a crew center to make things easy on our members so you can view or add bids on flights whether you be on your computer or your smart device, being your phone, tablet..etc..


Yes, we do have a direct connect server for Boxed version of Flight Simulator X as well as steam that will be coming within the next few weeks. We currently have a private Teamspeak 3 server for our members to use for communication or a chat room while on long hauls or just to have a conversation with a buddy. This is a mature community aspect with members of age range from mostly mid 20's to low 70's. That doesn't mean what so ever we don't accept people from a lower age range at all. All ages are welcome preferably above age 13.

All flights at this moment are reviewed by a moderator before it is accepted while we are working on an accurate automated system to get flights automatically approved or rejected. We will have private events for members to join it being a weekly flight or an occasional event, these events may include double hours or it may include a tour with a badge of completion.

Please know there are no entrance exams that will be taken to join this airline as we believe everyone should have a chance of joining the fun without any special requirements. This virtual airline will soon be ran on the Vatsim network for Air Traffic but once it is integrated it still will not be a requirement as some members do not have the education or experience for that type of simulation. 

We will not be sending spammy emails to your mailbox letting you know when it changes from "daylight to dark" just an occasional email when there will be events or important updates to our site.

Bidding Flights


Our Flight bidding system is based on where you want to Fly and what you want to fly. With our system you will be able to create your own flights and bid on them without moderator or administrator permission. Why should we limit you to where you fly to this is all up to you.


Within the image above is where you will select your aircraft and choose your departure & arrival airport.create2.PNG

Once you have selected your aircraft and airports you will then be redirected to a page where you will then input your route and cruising altitude then

book the flight.


Once redirected back to this page you will then bid the flight that you just created that is placed in the top of the list once created then go Flying !

I have inserted this tutorial on how to do this within this posting so you will see what in details creating and bidding a flight which you always have the option to bid a flight straight from the list that someone else has already created.

We hope you enjoy what we have to offer and hope you join us as we are welcome to have you.

Visit WWW.FEDEXVA.COM and choose "Join Now" complete the registration and a administrator will soon approve your registration with a confirmation email being sent to you.


Fedex Virtual Airlines Staff

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