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  1. smokey68

    Custom Acars

    Since I'm currently working on JoinQuest I'm open to start projects of Custom Acars with your Brand And Your Logo and scheme colors etc... I've posted pictures below of what JoinQuest Looks like and features so far this will be for version 5.5 not version 7 just yet haven't conquered that just yet. If interested just send me a pm.
  2. I will start posting on a weekly basis on my discord for this app Click Here to Join Discord All new updates will be posted within the discord and program will be available from this discord once first release is available. Once more features are added and its been tested there will be a website posted and a link for regular posts and information about the program added features and a place for all of you to give suggestions for more enhancements. I want everyone's input the more input the better i hope soon to see all of you, I'm glad to be back its been so long since i have posted in these forums hope to see all of you in discord soon giving your input
  3. -Freeware with payware features -sims supported xplane, fsx, prepar3d, msfs yes fsuipc will need to be installed -more updates coming soon with new provided information. -nothing to expand on with JoinFS (features for joinfs) won’t be in first release.
  4. Hello, all been some time since I've posted here and specially about this acars that was abandoned ? by me ? yea long story short all the source files from this project unfortunately took a crash when my computer did so the hours and weeks of work anyhow so here I am a couple years later bring to bring it back to life with some advancements of course its in early stages as this is what i have so far from the last couple of weeks it will be ready soon to use with phpvms 5.5 version and YES "I DO PLAN TO HAVE A PHPVMS 7 VERSION OF THIS APPLICATION" now that, that has been said more about what were here for. I want an application to Track my Flights, Be a weather possibility for my sim and have a multiplayer feature. THERE WILL BE CUSTOMIZATION FEATURE FOR EACH AIRLINE USING THIS PROGRAM AND WILL BE CHANGEABLE WITHIN JOINQUEST WEBSITE. WITH THIS BEING SAID EVERY AIRLINE WILL HAVE TO REGISTER WITH JOINQUEST TO CHANGE CUSTOM IN-APP LOGO AND AIRLINE NAME. I know it all sounds like a lot but its not really just some simple weather (working towards strings of updated live weather) and importing that into the sim so far and most likely for the first release of this app will contain only set weather data values defaulted from your sim. So no live weather at this point until all the kinks are worked out Multi-Player, So also a few years back i had purchased the source code of JOINFS and will soon have feature for you to use JoinQuest to join your JOINFS Server of choice from JoinQuest having some but not limited to features for JOINFS through Joinquest... Anyhow below are some pictures i will keep this updated and will provide links once first version is released
  5. Thank you very much I’m trying my best to add what I always wanted to see in an acars Yes does work with fs9 just haven’t posted those details
  6. Admin panel has been added to program will be adding feature to add custom messages on start of program as well as images
  7. vasCARS BETA Module out for now we're working on alot more feature at the moment but this will get ya started https://vascroll.com/vasCARS/
  8. Member chat has officially been added this includes public chats private messages notifications of new messages (can be turned off) etc...
  9. Program is released finishing up some work on the module now https://vascroll.com/vasCARS/index.php?/files/file/2-vascars/
  10. Looking to Release a live version today or tomorrow !
  11. vbegin7#7668 Didnt see yours in the pm
  12. Thanks its Vbegin7 on discord
  13. Great Can yall come on teamspeak or discord later today or when available im working on it now
  14. Heres an image of some of the forms within the program i just got finished adding a reminder form that will popup and remind ya if you didnt start your log for your flight ! if anyone would like to beta test this program before i release it please tell me asap i need 3 more people these people will get a registration key for the program it is free but will contain some paid services the total cost is $5 for a lifetime but anyhow you may use it as free
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