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Our Features , Friendly Staff, Discord Chat, Integrated Pirep System, Most Popular Tracker (smartCARS2) +40000 Airfields in Database, No RANK/CAT Restrictions, More Freedom, Unlimited Charter Flight, Cargo flights, Tours, and Awards. Fly Online or Offline, Simulating Most Popular Airlines, Visit Our Forums, Best Pilot Shops to spend your VA $$$... More Coming Soon... If you like what we are doing, COME JOIN US

Meridian Virtual was founded by a group of aviators that has over 2,000 hrs combined in real world flying, and flight simulator experience.  You will not find a more dedicated staff than MDN.  We here at MDN believe in a concept of Quality over Quantity!  Meaning we are not looking to be the biggest VA on the market, ; however we strive to be the best and like our motto "Only the best fly here".  If you are an experience pilot and are looking for a small VA to call your home then please stop by and check out Meridian Virtual.  We look forward flying with you!


Tom West     

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