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New Staffing Availibity

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Hi Everyone,


The Director of Events (DOE) position is vacant currently at this time. So, if you are interested in taking this important job to continue our operations, email our careers department, through: careers@virtualcathaygroup.com

Please consider properly before you decide to take this position. The DOE creates and collaborates with the staff team and other online flying, VA and simulator companies, to create great events and tours for all pilots to enjoy. He is an integral part of making our pilots enjoy their experience by taking a break from normal schedules and to fly a fun event/tour. Please before making this decision, take these points into consideration:


- Do I have a good amount of experience working as a staff member at VA's?

- Am I ready to take my virtual airline career to a new stage by working with Cathay Virtual Group?

- Am I committed to continuing to make a great experience for all crew?

- Will I be an active, flying member flying of Cathay Virtual Group?


Those questions above are very important to be able to say yes too, for being our new Director of Events (DOE). Visit us here:http://www.virtualcathaygroup.com

Please send all applications/expressions of interest (EOI) to: careers@virtualcathaygroup.com



Kind Regards,

Tom Nastovski - Cathay Virtual Group CEO

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