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Hermes Group Airlines Staff Recruitment

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Hello Everybody.

My Name is Tristan Ken and I am the Vice CEO of Hermes Airlines Group Virtual.

Hermes Airlines Group Virtual founded in 12.10.2017 based in south korea (VATSIM KOREA DIVISION) is a full service virtual airline made for flight sim enthusiast,and now are still in making and development currently we have 3 staffs and in need of staffs to help our airline,we are now recruiting international staffs with the following positions:

Secretary to the CEO : assistant to the CEO for daily operations.

Marketing Team:Responsible for promoting the airline.

Webmaster: They are the ones who manage our airline website and ACARS system.

Project Team: They are the diplomats of our airline responsible for maintaining relationship with other virtual airline,making partnership,ensuring good relationship with VATSIM division.

Operations Team: They are responsible for ensuring their hub(s) runs smoothly. This includes providing routes to and from their airfield, charts, scenery and acting as first line supervisors to members in their hub and this also includes the Chief Pilot position

Our airline has made its logo and concept and is currently needing a web and couple of helping hands.

If anybody is interested for the position please drop by the forum or email me or my other staffs at: tristankennethliu@gmail.com or yh1121676@gmail.com


This is our business card and the proof that our airline is ready to commence operations once we found our staffs!

Best Regards

Tristan Ken

Vice CEO Hermes Group Virtual

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