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Why are my emails blank?


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I tried to test the password reset function, but didn't work, i tried registering a new user, all the email sneds is "noname" thats it, no text anything, ant thats the same for all things: lost passord, pirep,registration e.t.c

Heres an image: (i am using free host infinityfree if any1 can help me, that would be very appreciated, because i cant login to my account anymore..)


/|\ for reset password

and for registration:



It is actually is very annoying, i hope this isnt the host error, and also this is how my email_lostpassword.php looks: (incase of something)

<?php if(!defined('IN_PHPVMS') && IN_PHPVMS !== true) { die(); } ?>
Dear <?php echo $firstname .' '. $lastname; ?>,

Your password was reset, it is: <?php echo $newpw?>

You can login with this new password and change it.

<?php echo SITE_NAME?> Staff

That content/text is just not in the email ;(

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