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The acars map problems (more like with XACARS)


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I have 2 problems with the acars map, when using XACARS(since theres no good 737-300 in p3d, theres no other choice):

1. It would only appear after refreshing like 100 times.

2. After flight ends, and when you submit the pirep, turn off the PC(etc), the acars map says, that youre somewhere in africa still doing the flight that was in baltic/europe(for 12hrs)

Also Im using the my own skin (made with bootstrap), and tried default, reinstalling still no luck, and yes, i am using payed host, i put the Google Maps API Key.

Help would be very appreciated, all the pilots are killing me with their problems, thanks very much in advance!

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And very off-topic, the kACARS won’t even connect, it gives me errors like: headers already sent, session_cookie and etc (i know how to write a simple login/registration system in PHP, and i have made redirects in the MAIN index.php, but the VA path is in the folder), just annoying thing is, that all the acars systems connect without any problems, but kACARS won’t.



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