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Welsh Airways

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Took a look at the website. Below are just some preliminary thoughts

  • I think the template you found is a little better, and it was a smart move to get one that was already bootstrapped for presentation on mobile devices
  • You might want to look at the image opacity for the pics in the background. They are washing out your text and its very hard on the eyes. Check this out: https://www.w3schools.com/css/css_image_transparency.asp 
  • There is a lot of text to read but no real content. You should have a link to a fleet page, link to your schedule tables, link to a roster, etc. I just say this since there is still very little to go off of for a prospective pilot to look at
  • I wouldn't list destinations in a text block like you have especially not one with just countries... Which airports to do you fly to? That could be solved by a schedules page
  • This is probably just me, but I wouldn't be soliciting donations with the site in the state that it is


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I would never think someone would actually donate. Im using wordpress and it wont let me change the colour, ProAvia is helping me with the destinations thing. Im waiting for my livery maker to make the livery, just a friend trying for the first time. As the PilotCentre is on a subdomain it looks weird without the skin. My hosting provider doesnt allow for the page to be shown in a block.

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I've got some news here. Firstly, we have added more modules, and customized the PilotCentre (Customized CrewCenter Skin). We have redesigned the main site, which is on wordpress. Changed hosting providers to a more stable, faster service. After my dumb self found we were using Birmingham or some airport in England instead of EGFF, I changed it quickly, we now have divisions, such as American Airways, Asian Airways etc to cover all continents. We currently have 7 pilots and 31 members in our Discord server. We fly all around the world. We mainly operate passenger flights.

Website: https://welshairways.com

Discord: https://discord.gg/MReXhak

Description of VA Website:

Welsh Airways (ICAO: WAW) is a virtual airline representing Wales in the flight simulator community, run by flight simulator community members proud to be Welsh! We fly in and out of Cardiff International Airport (ICAO: EGFF) to over 25 destinations with more being added every week! We are a fictional airline and that allows us to do anything and not be restricted by real world airlines! Our state of the art PilotCentre allows our pilots to easily control their Welsh Airways experience. We thrive on community feedback and we will always take every piece of feedback into consideration! With our mix of classic and modern airliners, there is an aircraft for everyone. With our screenshot gallery, pilots can upload their own screenshots and other pilots can rate and comment!


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A lot of the pages still look painfully generic. I think you still have a long way to go. 

I think you should concentrate on the European market with your initial route setup. There are a lot of destinations that seem inplausible given your current fleet mix. Also, why are you using US registrations for your aircraft if you are a UK based airlines?

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