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  1. thunder175

    Multiple Aircraft Types Assigned to One Route

    Is there a way to backport some of that functionality, namely the schedule by type instead of individual tail number, into 2.x/5.5.2?
  2. thunder175

    phpVMS Legacy support for PHP 7

    @Strider I'm running 5.5.2 currently as well, and will need to migrate to PHP 7.1 on my VPS in the near future. Did you resolve your problems and have your site working as expected? Can you share any insight and code changes you had to do to make the transition?
  3. thunder175

    Dedicated Freighters

    I'm very apprehensive about eventually moving from 5.5.2 to v7. Although after playing with the demo version I'm really enjoying the new features. I did have a concern however. At least in the current state, I don't see many cargo/freight specific options as most everything looks to more for a passenger airline. How would we set the fares for freighters? Would we have a single fare class for general freight to the max payload of the aircraft? I don't know if this would have any advantages, but I guess we could set multiple fare categories for main deck cargo and belly cargo for dedicated freighter aircraft. Any thoughts or guidance about cargo only VA's running phpvms v7?
  4. thunder175

    Cron Error

    I've recently been hitting this exact problem as well. Was there a solution found?
  5. thunder175

    Pilot Awards System v1 (with Auto Awards)

    Hello! Maybe I'm missing a setting, as I'm having a problem with landing rates function. I input the minimums for a couple of different awards, and instead of a single award, the awards module is assigning ALL the awards to a pilot. In other words, if I have landing rate awards for -100, -200, and -300, if a pilot lands at -90fpm and I run the function he is receiving all three awards. Is there an expression I need to set in the admin panel to stop this behavior and have it award only a single badge?