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  1. Perhaps some additional details about your project and the scope you are trying to achieve would generate some interest amongst experienced admins.
  2. There are several well known airlines that don't have VA's due to the fact they are very protective of their trademarks, and VA's get slapped with cease and desist letters from time to time. I would highly recommend anyone wanting to start a real-world based VA to contact the legal department first.
  3. Thanks for the help! I finally implemented this and it saved me a lot of time. The only change I did was instead of mail($pilotemail,$subject,$message); I used Util::SendEmail($pilotemail,$subject,$message);
  4. A lot of the pages still look painfully generic. I think you still have a long way to go. I think you should concentrate on the European market with your initial route setup. There are a lot of destinations that seem inplausible given your current fleet mix. Also, why are you using US registrations for your aircraft if you are a UK based airlines?
  5. Before I tackle this on my own, has anyone made a script to generate an email to the user upon bid expiration (using the maintenance.php cron job)? Asking since I don't want to reinvent the wheel if its already been done.
  6. I would highly recommend to look at boostraping your site at a minimum so it will look good on mobile devices
  7. This is not 5.5.2 and could be a good cause for the confusion. Try with a fresh install of the latest v2 following the link from the thread you posted above.
  8. Took a look at the website. Below are just some preliminary thoughts I think the template you found is a little better, and it was a smart move to get one that was already bootstrapped for presentation on mobile devices You might want to look at the image opacity for the pics in the background. They are washing out your text and its very hard on the eyes. Check this out: https://www.w3schools.com/css/css_image_transparency.asp There is a lot of text to read but no real content. You should have a link to a fleet page, link to your schedule tables, link to a roster, etc. I just say this since there is still very little to go off of for a prospective pilot to look at I wouldn't list destinations in a text block like you have especially not one with just countries... Which airports to do you fly to? That could be solved by a schedules page This is probably just me, but I wouldn't be soliciting donations with the site in the state that it is
  9. Thanks Jim! A lot of work has and continues to be put into it. I'm not sure what anyone has ever accomplished on their own with PHPVMS legacy versions, but I really am finding ways to teach an old dog new tricks. Two highlights I've implemented lately: Moved the load generation script into the addbid section so a load is generated and inserted into the bids table at time of bid placement. This is crucial for SimBrief integration in my view so the ZFW won't change every time you click generate dispatch Added a load factor setting (demand) by ROUTE instead of the global setting. Using some crafty hackery of the code I added some conditional statements for the ability to set the demand on a route which then calls for a random value which in turn impacts the load factor for that particular flight. For example, I now have the ability to have a cargo flight form VHHH to PANC nearly full as real-world demand would normally dictate, however the reverse trip from Anchorage to Hong Kong would be lightly loaded or nearly empty. This is a significant improvement over the one sized fits all global load factor setting, as is more applicable and useful for an all freight carrier.
  10. A fresh installation after downloading from GitHub of 5.5.2 will need upgrading to v2. Follow the instructions in the link ProAvia provided.
  11. I assume you are using the default installation of 5.5.2 with no mods correct? If successful, maybe we can fork simpilots's GitHub and make this a separate version, say 5.5.3 or 5.6 to annotate that this is a PHP 7.x compliant version. I know in the grand scheme of things we are trying to deprecate the 2.x/5.x baselines and eventually move to v7, but I for one probably won't be upgrading to PHPVMS v7 for the foreseeable future. I'm sure this will be of great value to a number of folks! Please let me know if there is anything I can do to support.
  12. Any success in your endeavors for PHP 7.x compliance with the 5.5.x baseline?
  13. I have to be frank here. I think this barely qualifies as a legitimate VA website. I think you are missing even the most fundamental elements of good design here to attract pilots to join your airline in an already saturated landscape... How does a prospective pilot learn anything about your airline based on your current presentation? You should list your schedules so prospective pilots can see if its where they want to fly, show your fleet with a nice livery moreso than the very basic fundamental page you have listed, have a listing of recent activity or statistics to show that you actually have activity, a pilot roster... these are just to name a few ideas that you could build off of. If a prospective pilot were to look at your site there is very little showing them what makes you different or why they should join. This is especially true in your case with an already established VA out there of the same name that is currently vastly superior in look and feel. Lastly, your front page pic shouldn't be an aircraft and an airport that isn't available in your service. I think you have a long way to go before you should start advertising, cause in its current state I think your website is just going to turn people off and I know that's not what you are intending to do.
  14. Thought I would take a moment to announce that we hit another milestone. We just crossed the 1000 hours flown for the VA mark the other day. In addition, we are now fully SimBrief compliant as an API integrated VA. We've added numerous additional tables of data to our aircraft in order to inject data directly into the SimBrief dispatch system, so each aircraft has its weights and other data set appropriately at every dispatch. Especially useful since as an example not every 767 is the same in our fleet, with each having slightly different specifications. We feel this adds significant immersion to the VA as we aren't just a standard template setup, and each aircraft has its own quirks, data, and historical information.
  15. What OS (Mac, Linux, Windows?) and what browser are you using? Reason I ask is because lately I've had some Mac users tell me that Safari isn't remembering the session and they constantly have to log back in. Just trying to eliminate that as a potential problem. Are you sure nothing else has changed in the database or on your files? Does anyone else have access to either the SQL database, or directory access on the web server?
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