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Envoy Virtual In Need of Website Developers and Staff

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Hello all! Envoy Virtual is currently in a temporary shut down because we want to focus on really improving things for our members. We are almost done with this shut down, but we need your help to get some of the last details worked out and ready. 

Currently, we are in great need of website developers and designers, who are trustworthy, and can responsibly handle our cPanel, keep its login information confidential, and not work against the group. We are not just looking for one website developer or designer, as many as possible would be great at the moment so we can get our website up and get it back for our members to use. Website Developers and or designers must have proficient knowledge of PHP, PHPVMS and its inner workings, along with HTML, CSS, JS, etc. This is not a paid position at the moment due to our funds being already used in the process of this rebuild, but we would like to once funds are available bless the hard work of those who choose to help us with some monetary compensation. 


We also have other staff positions available. You must be at least 16 in order to apply, or to be staff, or you must be within 2 months of your 16th birthday (and be able to show us that, not just give us a fake birthday). 

Staff Positions Open:
- DFW, ORD, MIA Lead Station Agent (Hub Manager)
- Events Coordinators

- Graphic Designers

- Chief Financial Officer

- Chief Procurement Officer

- Fleet and Schedules Manager


If you are interested in any of these positions, please either directly message us on Instagram (@envoy.virtual), directly message our C.E.O in Discord (@ADE5255#9991), or email us at staffapplications@envoyvirtual.com. 

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