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Virtual Airline Website & phpVMS install


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Custom Virtual Airline Website


Looking for a front-end Virtual Airline website? Allow us to build and develop your perfect front-end Virtual Airline website. Stand out from the rest with a custom VA website. 


Hosting & Domain registration can be provided. 

Combine this with your Pilot Crew Center.

Custom email addresses for your staff.


S.E. Web Development (sewebdevelopment.com)



phpVMS Install Only


Install Only:

phpVMS v7 only


Having a hard time and/or getting errors installing your phpVMS software? We at VSA will install the phpVMS software for you to your URL on your server. The price includes only the install with no custom work. We will install your phpVMS software and turn it over to you. You will get a full basic install only. No mods or additional content. No custom work. You will be able to log in, hire pilots, and use the ACARS if you purchased it. All phpVMS software is free and we are only providing the service to install. 


If you would like development updates installed, we can provide that as well. 


Please make sure your server meets the requirements to host phpVMS v7

$40 - without ACARS 

$50 - with ACARS 

$5 - Per Dev Update to install


S.E. Web Development (sewebdevelopment.com)


Email us at: russell@skyvirtual.org

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