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Latest V7 Virtual Airline Launched

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Given that it is important to support PHPVMS especially V7 , I feel that we need to show the world of Flight Simulation that you can run a  Virtual Airline using Version 7.

It is to this end that I have built a new virtual airline that has a unique and welcome feel to it hence the name of the virtual airline reflects this view.


The virtual airline that you are welcome to visit and join of course is called Virtualairhygge and is based at virtualsirhygge.com. So what is with the name 'hygge' . Well in fact it is an olde Norse word. Norse being the ancient language of norther Europe around the Scandinavian countries.  Hygge means 'togetherness' and as such the five regions or countries if you prefer that are in the same geographical area of the northern part of the Atlantic and North Seas.  The airline is sub-divided but together as one into five regional airlines based in Scotland , Ireland , Iceland ,Norway and the Faroe Islands. Most of the flights are in the smaller aircraft that you will find , fun and enjoyable to fly such as the BN2P Islander and the Twin Otter types right up to Airbus A320 Boeing 737.  It uses the Acars module of PHPVMS as well as the excellent 'DISPOSABLE HERO' add ons to make it an enjoyable experience flying with us. The 'Togetherness' theme takes us one step further in that each region has upto three types of flight , Domestic flights that remain in the same country, Group flights that connect to other airports of the five countries and finally Regional flights that connect the group to the rest of the Northern European geography.  We have two unique flights that are in the real world of aviation the flight from Westray to Papa Westray , that being the worlds shortest commercial flight and flights to and from Barra Airport where the runway is a beach. Togetherness is what this airline is all about and you can become part of it.

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