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Geodesic Line Flight Path for v5.5.2

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Something i have been working on with a friend lately is creating a flight path line from the flown route on v5.5.2

This is still the early stages but everything is already there thats needed. when i do the corrections and other fun stuff to the code i will put it out. check it out for yourself.

This is without the  addons that cost $$$ and made with everything already given to you (but with leaflet)

leaflet will be required to run this as im not paying $$$ for a google maps API






So lets Continue on

First thing is first, we have to make a db from your mysql 

CREATE TABLE [name of your table] (
    flightnum VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL,
    lat DECIMAL(8, 6) NOT NULL,
    lng DECIMAL(9, 6) NOT NULL

 you can name yours whatever. this is where you will store all of that flight lat and lng.   Im still working on the code to grab that data for a selected flight but might as well start you on the MYsql side.. 

I wouldnt recommend doing this if you have little experience with MYSQL and adding into the DB 


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