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SplitJet VA - Recruiting Staff

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Good afternoon everyone,


My name is Gary and am in the process of starting up a new VA called SplitJet. At the start, I'll be focusing on Corporate Charters within the United States with the intent of expanding to Europe.


I started my first VA back in 1998, called SoCal Airways and was providing ATC with SATCO in the early days, then VATSIM later on. Over time, life took me away from FS, but when MSFS2020 was announced, I knew I would have to get back into the hobby. Over the past year, I've built a home cockpit and with the advances of MSFS, I'm back for the long haul. So came the idea of starting up a new VA, so here I am.


I am hoping to find someone who might be super duper familiar with phpVMS and and work with me as I learn. Anyone with paint skills. Those are high priority positions. Later, I'd like to find anyone who thinks they could head up the European division. Over time, I think I can do this myself, but I do enjoy working with like minded individuals who enjoy aviation as much as I do.


Website is still be built, and the crew page is currently being setup, but if you think you want to chat more about this, shoot me a DM, or feel free to join the discord.  https://discord.gg/R9gcF5tH


Thank you all for your time.



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