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[Relaunch] Virtual Cargo International

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Welcome to Virtual Cargo International. We are a professional, modern and solid Virtual Company for your next Flight. Our Virtual Company is a free, non-profit, non-commercial organisation, which aims to simulate the flights and operations of real airlines using Flight Simulation Software. Based on many real-world airlines, real-world schedules, equipment and routes you can fly for. We are also always looking for new contracts to expand our service. With iBase2Go we provide a powerful and flexible Crew Center System to satisfy our pilot's needs. It is packed with awesome and fresh features that you will love. We have no restrictions regardless of rank or pilot status, fly any aircraft we provide from the day one you joined our company. There is more about us to read in our About Us section if you want to get more detailed information.


Join us today!


Virtual Cargo International is one of the more unique virtual companies based in Europe and we invite you to join our virtual company and take you to the skies. Our staff is willing to assist you and make your virtual company and flight simulation experience as immersive as possible. So do not wait and join today! And as always, if you have any questions try to find the answer here on our page. If you can not find the right answer to your question, do contact us. You can also use our discord server to send your questions.



Best Regards
CEO - Virtual Cargo International


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